Rochelle L. Cook

MA., CHt. Author, Coach & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with Honors. Heal stress, anxiety & relationships: experience an Accelerated Change System & the Golden Repair.

The Best Therapist for Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Therapy in Los Angeles

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, fears, phobia's or relationship issues?

Your subconscious mind rules your life. Clinical hypnotherapy and coaching changes your perceptions so that you can heal and live your best life. 

With me you’ll receive, deep insights, the right tools, guidance and the positive reinforcement you need to create a new life of peace and freedom. The way through is the way down. And, that, is exactly how I help you move forward with your life and thrive.

The Best Therapist for Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Therapy in Los Angeles

Hypnosis Therapy

Who it Helps

Resolve & Reinvent Relationships

When you combine a powerfully deep inquiry into past issues and traumas that is inspired by talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, Spiritual Psychology and evidence-based medical hypnotherapy life changes for good. Experience fundamental transformation of your goals, and mental and physical health while rebuilding your self-esteem and re-inventing your relationships.

Resolve Anxiety, Panic & Fears for Good

Anxiety and discomfort can come out of nowhere and for no reason. The secret is that it is a learned behavior that becomes a habit. Fear and Phobias often develop during childhood and become more severe in adulthood. Anxiety is paralyzing your life, freedoms gone, but it can be found again with Hypnosis Therapy. Feeling safe, feeling at ease and being confident is possible. 

Hypnosis Therapy Works!

What Issue Do You Have?

About Me

Hypnosis can help remove physical and emotional symptoms

Spiritual Psychology combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy and mindfulness practices can produce fundamental life transformations. Go from living in negativity to understanding your triggers, your emotions and feelings to joy and peace for the rest of your life.

I help people that want hypnosis in Los Angeles and online globally and who want to to change for the better. Do you want to find comfort and heal past issues so that you can thrive in the present?

If we can connect to who we really are—a Soul having a human experience, and face the darkest parts of ourselves, we CAN transform.

The best time to plant a tree

was 20 years ago

The second best time

is now.

~ Chinese proverb


60+ 5Star Reviews on Yelp

I saw Rochelle for one hypnosis session  in Los Angeles and immediately noticed a reduction of my anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

~Alissa W. Marina del Rey, CA. USA.

Kandy F.
Kandy F.
16:04 25 Aug 21
I'm sooooo happy to share with you a quantum leap I was able to make last Saturday, just 2 weeks after my first and only hypnotherapy session with Rochelle....
Sophia H.
Sophia H.
17:00 19 Aug 21
I'm so so so grateful to have found Rochelle! Several months ago, I hit an emotional rock bottom and was desperate to find some sort of reprieve. I had...
Noriko Y.
Noriko Y.
16:55 06 Aug 21
Rochelle is a compassionate and caring therapist who really cares about her clients. She has helped me with some issues with anxiety, especially mental...
Kali D.
Kali D.
12:41 20 Jul 21
I've been seeing Rochelle for 5 months for my anxiety and my experience has been wonderful. I've seen other mental health professionals in the past and they...
Jennifer R.
Jennifer R.
22:21 06 Jul 21
I came to Rochelle because I have been having a difficult time in my marriage and wanted help with the anger and anxiety it was bringing out in me. I chose...
K B.
K B.
16:27 02 Jun 21
I came to Rochelle because I was having some issues with anxiety and thought hypnotherapy could support me in a way that therapy hasn't been able to....
Christine O.
Christine O.
07:09 24 Jan 21
I'm so glad I've found Rochelle! What a year it's been. She is doing sessions over the phone and it works perfectly for me. She has really helped me so far...
A O.
A O.
17:45 11 Aug 20
I had been looking for a therapist who was trained in hypnotherapy for months because I had read that traditional behavioral therapy combined with...