My back issues have reduced significantly

Thriving Mind

“My sessions with Rochelle have done wonders.  My anxiety is at lower levels; the techniques (especially the breathing ones) have really helped.  My back issues have reduced significantly, this is linked with with my anxiety levels lessening.  The idea of taking out the pain, and putting into a box and throwing it away has worked […]

You have been a blessing

Good Morning, I’m doing ok. I don’t like it, my boyfriend is overseas working and I am alone but I can handle it. I think the hardest part is going to bed, but I can definitely see a difference. I’m not as scaredy cat as much as usual. I have my moments, but I use […]

My Stress has Considerably Reduced

Rochelle my anxiety is at a lower level, as I do the techniques/ breathing you have recommended. As far as my back, it feels much better.  The idea of taking out the pain, and putting into a box throwing away has worked wonders. I just think about that, and it helps the pain right away. […]

You and your wife are an answer to my prayers…

Thank you so much. You and your wife are an answer to my prayers and seemed like really special people. I wanted to get information about scheduling an appointment with her and need info about fees etc. We have 4 kids and live in Pasadena but my soul says I need to get there somehow […]

Rochelle is outstanding!

She is gifted and sensitive hypnotherapist. Her sessions are transformative and beautiful. There were many experiences that were uplifting and dreamlike. She makes you feel very comfortable and she makes it easy to work through any issues for positive changes in life. I highly recommend her. –David O.