For years I have been depressed- and despite many other methods…

4/24/2014 Rochelle is brilliant. I had read about her incredible work and desperately wanted to see her. Rochelle heard a bit of my story and has opened her arms (and beautiful space) to me. Truly a testament to her selflessness and dedication to her craft. For years I have been depressed- and despite many other […]


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Coupling? Uncoupling?

Looking for Meaningful Relationships? Are you coupling up or Uncoupling? Do you connect with someone at a very deep level as if you have known him or her for a very long time? Working through old patterns may be an insightful healing step to take. We have worked with a lot of amazing people, individually […]

I continually overcome and conquer obstacles…

Rochelle helped me get over a major fear that was taking over my life.  I feel like Rochelle was introduced to me for a reason, brought to me just when I needed her.  Since then we have worked together on a regular basis and I continually overcome and conquer obstacles that have been holding me […]