Jean on Test Anxiety

With Rochelle’s coaching I could study for hours instead of minutes and retain the information!” ~ Jean

Jessica “Postpartum Depression”

I tried everything, I was depressed, hypnotherapy had helped me in the past. I called Rochelle and the first session was completely amazing, my postpartum was so intense, I realized I was not being loving. The first session my OCD minimized. The second session she gave me homework, I kept on improving. ~ Jessica


My life has changed incredible after working with Rochelle.” ~ Anna

Dana “Me Session”

After a series of sessions I’m eating more healthy than before. I’m a science and analytical type of person and Rochelle’s focus on the facts and her recorded sessions (MP3’s) were incredible useful.”I’ve already lost 10 pounds.” ~ Dana

Cher Thriving!

Years ago I was in a car accident, years of pain disappeared by seeing Rochelle. She gave an exercise to do when pain occurs, when I do it the pain goes away.” ~ Cher

Robyn Testimonial

How Rochelle Portrayed herself made me feel comfortable. It allowed me to open up and share what I had not shared with anyone before.” ~ Amber

Rochelle has been given a true gift from God…

I was suffering from food addiction and am overweight as a result of it; I have been overweight ever since I was a small child.  With Rochelle’s help, I have literally stopped wanting the foods that I’m addicted to and am learning what is causing this addictive behavior. I feel in control of my life […]

But the entire experience went way beyond…

Rochelle is the most loving, wise, down to earth teacher and guide you could ever wish for. She grounded me and, after seeing her, I quit smoking forever! But the entire experience went way beyond just smoking. It was a healing experience. ~ Amy S. Los Angeles, CA