Rochelle has helped me to overcome my anxiety

Rochelle has helped me over the past two years with a number of issues. I have a hard time trusting in people, especially when it comes to my inner fears – I instantly connected with her! She has helped me to overcome my anxiety and help me start to live the life I have always […]

I will always utilize her services…

What can I say other than Rochelle is one of the most amazingly authentic people on the planet. Even when walking through some of my darkest moments I never felt judgement or discomfort when I am doing work with her. I have seen a lot of people for therapy and other inner work-they all pale […]

Joy is back in my life, and I owe that to Rochelle’s work!

I have been seeing Rochelle for my Fibromyalgia pain, which has severely affected the quality of my life.  Anyone dealing with Fibromyalgia understands that this is not a quick overnight fix, but I am thrilled to say that Rochelle has helped me immensely, and continues to do so!  Years of doctors, medications, etc didn’t help […]

A Thriving Mind – Is Grateful

A Thriving Mind – Is Grateful: Witness Daily Accomplishments – Discover the Self by Dr. Michael Glock Ph.D. (Author), Rochelle L. Cook M.A. (Author) For many, our constructed postmodern world has hindered, perhaps even extinguished the deep and profoundly powerful awareness of our own interiority. The inner realm when revealed and integrated offers a fundamental gateway to a very […]