Filming with @JaclynGlenn

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TAKE THE HYPNOTHERAPY TEST NOW >>><p>Jaclyn Glenn (<a dir=”ltr” draggable=”false” href=”” rel=”nofollow” data-mentioned-user-id=”0″><s>@</s><b>JaclynGlenn</b></a>)  is working on a new show, we (Rochelle  <a draggable=”false” href=””>@RochelleLCook</a> &amp; Michael <a draggable=”false” href=””>@DrMichaelGlock</a>), spent the day filming with her. Here she is getting ready for the shoot in our office in Silicon Beach. We talked a lot about coaching, […]

Will Hypnosis Work on Me? Take the Test.

Hypnotic susceptibility—What is it? Accurate testing of ‘suggestibility’, ‘hypnotic suggestibility’ and ‘hypnotizability’ is an issue fundamental to hypnosis research and the practice of clinical hypnosis. The more suggestible you are the better candidate you are for relieving depression using hypnosis. Hypnosis relies on offering you choices and away fro binary choices. The more open you […]