Jaclyn Glenn Experiences Hypnotherapy

The Skeptic's Guide to Wellness with Jaclyn Glenn. 5 - Going Under With Hypnosis 12m TV-PG CC To see where campy stage hypnosis ends and wellness begins, Jaclyn meets two hypnotherapists to learn more about this ancient but still debated practice.

On The Skeptic’s Guide to Wellness Jaclyn Glenn visits with Rochelle L. Cook for a Hypnotherapy Session Outspoken, often hilarious video star Jaclyn Glenn (@JaclynGlenn) is a born skeptic. That’s why she’s going deep inside the world of alternative wellness and testing the effectiveness of everything from witchcraft and crystals to hypnosis and psychedelics.  Episode […]

Does <b>Relationship Coaching</b> work? The simple answer is Yes!

Does Relationship Coaching work? The simple answer is Yes!

<h2>Our Promise: Gain Greater Clarity about your Relationship!</h2><p>I have now seen hundred’s of couples, all of them have gained greater clarity because over the sessions we have discussed if the situation is true or not. </p><ul><li>Are you in a relationship that is unhealthy?</li><li>Are you wanting to save your relationship?</li><li>Do you want to enhance your relationship and […]