Could your relationship get any better?

How do you tell your significant other that something has to change? Can hypnotherapy be used to help you choose the right partner? How do you know what you want? Find out. Book a FREE discovery session with #OWNTV star & #RealationshipCoach Ms. Cook Discover how to stop sabotaging your relationships and find out why some guys distance themselves in a […]

What Happens After 10 Sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy?

What Happens After 10 Sessions?

You may come in wondering why do guys pull away when they are falling in love, or you want hypnosis for self confidence and self esteem, or you want hypnosis for a heartbreak you are experiencing. My form of storytelling and Clinical Hypnotherapy teaches you how to stay positive when everything is going wrong! In the first session you blame others, […]

Valerie On Getting Off Sugar

Stop The Madness... End Emotional Eating For Good

How to End Emotional Eating with Hypnotherapy. Rochelle shows genuine compassion and care! ~ Valerie We also have a 9-Day in-home program that works to release yourself from cravings and addictions. Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program

For Alternative Wellness, Jaclyn Glenn says “Go See Rochelle”

The Skeptic's Guide to Wellness with Jaclyn Glenn. 5 - Going Under With Hypnosis 12m TV-PG CC To see where campy stage hypnosis ends and wellness begins, Jaclyn meets two hypnotherapists to learn more about this ancient but still debated practice.

Deep inside the world of Hypnotherapy & Alternative Wellness A Skeptics Guide to Wellness Jaclyn in her 2018 show “A Skeptics Guide to Wellness” goes deep inside the world of alternative wellness and tests the effectiveness of everything from witchcraft and crystals to hypnosis and psychedelics. After all she’s done she says this about hypnosis… […]