6 Tips for Building and Growing a Great Relationship.

There are some things we can do in all our relationships to build and maintain strong bonds. This is true because, underneath all our differences, likes, dislikes, and biases, we are all human beings who desire to be understood and loved. The tips below should be used in all your relationships to form bonds that will stand the test of time.

Be appreciative

This might mean different things in different relationships, but the overarching sentiment is the same. When they do something kind for you or take the time to support you when you need it, be appreciative – acknowledge their care and concern. I call this prizing, prize someone today. This is one way of many that can help repair and fix a relationship.

Spend time together

It can be hard to find time to get together when we are all so busy, but it’s important for all relationships. If necessary, set up pre-scheduled appointments so that they automatically happen. This makes sure it happens because you will get used to schedule other things around it. 

Communicate honestly

Sometimes you may be tempted to bend the truth to avoid conflict or tell a white lie, but your relationships will be much healthier overall if honesty is held in high regard. For example, if you want an open relationship, then say so and negotiate the terms of the relationship. Don’t just go and unilaterally be in an open relationship and screw the relationship up. It’s possible, to be honest without being brutal. Choose your words carefully be diplomatic and channel your inner contract lawyer, while still sharing your feelings openly and honestly.

Forgive faults

Forgive your relationship partner for their eccentricities and annoying habits, and also forgive yourself for all the mistakes you make. We all have faults and shortcomings that we bring with us into any relationship. This is crucial for the healing that takes place. The sacred contract you have with your partner is that you agree to transform each other. What annoys you and disturbs your peace is exactly the part of yourself that you dislike and disown. Sometimes to keep the relationship strong, we need to just come to the conclusion that their presence in our lives is more important than the little habits that drive us crazy.

Support them

Intermingled between all the good times, there will surely be times when the other person could use a helping hand. Whether it’s helping them move, taking them out to a lovely dinner or when a loved one has passed or being a sounding board for a difficult decision, any relationship worth having requires some tender loving care. And the other person deserves it, just as you do when you need it from them.

Do unto others

It’s just a good idea to always live by the Golden Rule, but it’s especially true in relationships that are important to us. If you wonder if something you might do is likely to upset them, chances are it’s better to talk to them about it first. Wouldn’t you want them to do the same for you? It’s better to err on the side of caution.

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