A Thriving Mind – Is Grateful: Witness Daily Accomplishments – Discover the Self

by Dr. Michael Glock Ph.D. (Author), Rochelle L. Cook M.A. (Author)

For many, our constructed postmodern world has hindered, perhaps even extinguished the deep and profoundly powerful awareness of our own interiority. The inner realm when revealed and integrated offers a fundamental gateway to a very different life. You will enhance thinking, expand your imagination, dream more, have insights, become more intuitive and live a more symbolic life. If you have recently attended a class, seminar or session or sessions with Dr Michael Glock or Rochelle L. Cook you may have heard them suggest – start a journal. The precise observation of your daily accomplishments is psychologically meaningful and will lead to your own Mind – Thriving.

A Thriving Mind - Is Grateful: Witness Daily Accomplishments - Discover the Self Paperback – March 31, 2013 by Dr. Michael Glock Ph.D. (Author), Rochelle L. Cook M.A. (Author)

The internal witnessing of your own stories and dreams is a royal road to unconcealing unconscious attitudes and patterns that are holding you back. THE SUBCONSCIOUS RULES YOUR LIFE! Gratitude Journaling is a Depth Psychological process. The modern field of Depth Psychology originated in the work of Carl G. Jung and Sigmund Freud, two leading visionaries who called attention to the importance of what lies hidden and below the surface of conscious awareness. This dimension of psychic reality is revealed in the movies we watch, in great literature, the expressive arts of different cultures, dreams, and in the collective symptoms suffered by individuals and cultures. The central concept at the core of depth psychology is to bring unconsciousness to consciousness.

This is the secret underlying – wisdom, knowing thyself. The importance of making meaning of the images and metaphors in personal and cultural expression is a threshold we must all cross in order to gain this soulful wisdom. The exquisite interplay between the aesthetics of the natural world and the human experience, are critical – for soul making.

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