“A Very Different 2020 Intentions Workshop”

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Hypnotherapy Applications:

January the 18th Saturday 2:00 to 6:00 PM

What is the “ONE THING” you want for 2020

Come to a One-Day Workshop in Marina del Rey hosted by Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt

We will be working in trios, writing, experiencing group hypnosis, and burning issues away. This will be a very serious event delivered in a sacred and anti-rushed, anti-digital atmosphere. The workshop will help you create, focus and accomplish your 2020 resolutions. This is the real deal, you will experience and learn how to…

  • Design and use an alter to support your daily affirmations
  • Understand and experience USM skills (University of Santa Monica—Spiritual Psychology)
  • You will have the privilege to be a part of a tribe of like-minded journeyers that are willing to do what it takes to make the “one thing” happen!

The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions

~ Steve Maraboli

It’s almost 2020 .. ..

what do you know for a fact that you want to accomplish? Think of just one life-changing thing! What is it? 

This program evolves around only one thing and one thing only! When people try to achieve a laundry list of “things” they fail.. 

Come to a stimulating, action-based workshop.  What will you be doing?

  • You will be writing down what you “will” achieve.
  • You will work through your limiting beliefs (My breakthrough methods will leave you focused and clear!) 
  • You will burn whatever is disturbing your peace!
  • You will be guided through a manifesting visualization designed to achieve goals. 
  • You will learn the Stop It Method (By Rochelle L Cook)
  • You will take back your power and get what you want for 2020


Early Bird Special $149.00

Special Extended to Jan 15th 2020

Happy New Year!

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