Adult Addictions? Heal with Hypnosis

The mind can learn to reject the cravings and embrace the true healthy self. We are all souls having a human experience.  Digging deeply into the cause and upset will set you free to experience the life you want. Addiction is a symptom to a much larger problem. Uncover the shadow material, expose it and begin to heal. 

In conjunction with a group support system, and often medical attention (doctor referral is needed in this case), Clinical Hypnosis and Spiritual Psychology are beneficial when the individual is able to recognize the issue and the trigger behind choosing the destructive and debilitating way out.  Alcohol and drugs provide the “great escape.” Since using substances begins to be associated with a way to “get through life, it acts as a coping mechanism and the habit becomes the only choice.

People that turn to addiction are  unable to see clearly other choices and options available; therefore, dependence continues.  Whatever the substance, it can be a cover-up or a substitute.

Spiritual Psychology suggests that the key is in understanding that to resolve the issue you must explore what is behind the issue. It is important to accept the pain without judgment and practice self forgiveness. Wounds can heal. 

“Once you have recognized the issue and trigger healing can begin. Recovering is a journey”

Issue Counseling

Whether you decide to attend AA meetings or any other substance abuse program, working with the trigger is key to recovery. We call this issue counseling. Through Clinical Hypnosis and Spiritual Psychology the trigger can be understood and alleviated and the individual can recovery more quickly.

Talk to me about your issue, often an initial traumatic event occurred. Get rid of that and viola your issues shift. Schedule a free online consultation, it will immediately make you feel better!