The Skeptic's Guide to Wellness with Jaclyn Glenn. 5 - Going Under With Hypnosis 12m TV-PG CC To see where campy stage hypnosis ends and wellness begins, Jaclyn meets two hypnotherapists to learn more about this ancient but still debated practice.

Deep inside the world of Hypnotherapy & Alternative Wellness

A Skeptics Guide to Wellness

Jaclyn in her 2018 show A Skeptics Guide to Wellness” goes deep inside the world of alternative wellness and tests the effectiveness of everything from witchcraft and crystals to hypnosis and psychedelics. After all she’s done she says this about hypnosis… Watch all the episodes on Fullscreen.

Jaclyn worked through life and relationship issues including how to cope with depression. She saught out alternative wellness practices including hypnotherapy. She discovered Rochelle, on the first meeting with Jaclyn Rochelle shared that “relationship issues are often caused because of depression.”

Read more on depression here, and how hypnotherapy can be a lifesaver.

She didn’t try to fool me, she just wanted to help me! It was really cool. Looking back, the one thing I am most likely to do again is GO SEE ROCHELLE!

Jaclyn Glenn @JaclynGlenn

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