Are you Experiencing a “Dark Night of the Soul” Photo by anthony-tran-679123-unsplash

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Hypnotherapy Applications:

I realize now that my “Dark Nights of the Soul” and all the emotional upheaval I went through as a child of divorced parents, and my failed marriage, and the painful breakups from lovers, and my suicide attempts – have all prepared me to be the healer and person I had always wanted to be. I learnt that relationships do not determine who I am. Neither do the material things such as cars and nice houses. They are illusions that compensated for what we lacked in childhood.

I healed and changed because of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Psychology. I wrote a book, and changed my thinking which altered my patterns of behavior. They changed from negative and destructive ones to good ones. I am sure you too can make a change for the better.

Not sure if hypnotherapy or my method will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me your story.