Give the gift of relationship this Holiday season. Try Coaching with Rochelle L. Cook. MA., ChT.
Take this simple test, write a sentence, answer two simple questions, and instantly discover if you are a Tunnel Visionary, a Deflated Doer, a Lone Leader or a Reluctant Adapter, a Waffler or Ideal Achiever. (The test takes 4 minutes). This knowledge will guide you forward and may be useful  as a ground from which to explore future options.

Are you rethinking your relationships?

Or, would you love to change careers but just don’t know where to start? Are you stuck by a looming project? perhaps, you are just darn old tuckered out because you’ve been grinding away at the same old routine. Maybe you are gnashing your teeth at night, not sure which way to turn.

The first step…

is to understand where and how you are stuck. What has gotten you stuck and then how do you get unstuck. Where are you stuck depends on your temperament, take the simple test below and the result will give you an accurate  description of your temperament and make suggestions for how you can get unstuck.

Before you take the test

Sit down in a private and quiet space. Center yourself in yourself, close your eyes and and imagine yourself at peace in a sacred place you love. It may be a rock next to a brook, or a special perch on top of a mountain, or listening to waves crashing. Wherever it is, imagine that place, relax and breathe in and breathe out, slow your breathing down. Do this for a few moments, allow yourself the pleasure and luxury of letting yourself linger. Then, open your eyes and write a short sentence that answer’s the question below.

  • How are you Feeling?

  • What are you Thinking?

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