Do You suffer from an Eating Disorder, Anxiety or Panic Attack?

Do You Suffer From A Disorder? Stop, reach out for a free consultation with Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.

Are You Struggling To Put Into Words What You Are Feeling? I have been observing alexithymia among people diagnosed with a wide range of mental health problems, including post-traumatic states, drug dependence, eating disorders, anxiety and panic disorders. What is alexithymia? Alexithymic, is a term coined by the US psychoanalysts John Case Nemiah and Peter […]

How to Fix an Unhappy Relationship with Hypnotherapy

How to Fix an Unhappy Relationship with Hypnotherapy

Not happy in a relationship anymore or breaking up? You may be going through a world of hurt right now, hurt that shows up in many different ways, as anxiety, lethargy, weight gain, even depression. Society and cultural norms emphasizes relationship status so much that people sometimes stay in dysfunctional relationships much longer than they […]

What To Do After A Breakup!

My recent break up has been the most painful experience of my life. I become vulnerable and I got hurt. I feel abandoned. Is this you? I know that when the pain gets so strong, you would do anything to stop it. Is this you? Start doing these things immediately Call me The Relationship Coach‎ for a […]