How to Make Your Resolutions Stick all Year

Happy New Year 2019 is going to be a special year.

Do These 12 Things to Make Your Resolutions Stick all Year People come to see me because something isn’t working, or they are stuck, or caught in a situation that just seems impossible. It may be a vexing relationship issue, or depression and anxiety, or it may be a melancholic sadness or an old lingering […]

Mindfulness training benefits students studying for exams.

Studying for exams #Hypnosis helps relieve #testanxiety Photo by alexis-brown- unsplash

Another scientific study that sheds light on how mindfulness benefits students, especially during exam time. Mindfulness training can help support students at risk of mental health problems, concludes a randomised controlled trial carried out by researchers at the University of Cambridge. “This is, to the best of our knowledge, the most robust study to date […]

Overcome Test Anxiety in Law School

I thank my lucky stars for Rochelle. She saved my life in law school.

Test taking anxiety is real I thank my lucky stars for Rochelle. She saved my life in law school. Rochelle helped reprogram my mind for success and Assited me in overcoming my fears of test taking. Test taking anxiety is real and for those who experience it understand this. Even with hours of preparation etc., […]

Here’s the reason not to go the GYM in January & what to do instead…

Here's the reason not to go to the gym Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

You don’t need a gym membership to the reach your goals. A New Year resolution is a tradition, and so is getting fit and healthy. But, there are other ways of achieving your fitness goals. Make some simple diet and exercise changes and stick to them using hypnotherapy Everyone is thinking about goal setting as New Year’s Eve approaches. […]

Achieve New Year Resolutions with Hypnosis.

Achieve your New Year Resolutions with hypnotherapy Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What are you going to work on in 2018? A New Year resolution is a tradition, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life. Hypnosis can help you stick with your resolutions by focusing on the tasks you want to achieve or problems you want to overcome. According […]

Make every day a Seasons Greeting

Season's Greetings from Rochelle L. Cook.

Fun Mindfulness & Holiday Facts: According to Wikipedia, “Season’s Greetings” is a term that wishes people well over the holiday season regardless of their religious beliefs. In 1980 Alan Ayckbourn wrote the play Seasons’ Greetings. Michael Dougherty made a short animated film titled Season’s Greetings. In 1993 Tatsurō Yamashita created a music Album titled Season’s Greetings. […]

Why Does Knowing if You Are an Introvert or Extrovert Matter?

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Why It’s Important to Understand Your Temperament It’s powerful to understand your temperament, because when you live a life that complements your nature, you unleash incredible stores of energy. On the other hand, when you spend too much time fighting your nature, the opposite happens, and you end up depleting yourself. If you’re an introvert […]

Discover Your Path! Take the Hypnotherapy Test

Discover Your Path. Take the Hypnotherapy Test!

Know & Prepare Yourself Write a sentence, answer two simple questions, and instantly discover if you are a Tunnel Visionary, a Deflated Doer, a Lone Leader or a Reluctant Adapter, a Waffler or Ideal Achiever. (The test takes 4 minutes). This knowledge will guide you forward and may be useful  as a ground from which to explore […]