Why Does Knowing if You Are an Introvert or Extrovert Matter?

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Why It’s Important to Understand Your Temperament It’s powerful to understand your temperament, because when you live a life that complements your nature, you unleash incredible stores of energy. On the other hand, when you spend too much time fighting your nature, the opposite happens, and you end up depleting yourself. If you’re an introvert […]

Coupling or Uncoupling?

#COUPLING OR #UNCOUPLING Increase your c choices use #hypnotherapy to expand y your choices

Are you rethinking your relationships? Use #Hypnotherapy to help expand your choices. Instantly discover if you are a Tunnel Visionary, a Deflated Doer, a Lone Leader or a Reluctant Adapter, a Waffler or Ideal Achiever. (The test takes 4 minutes). This knowledge will guide you forward and may be useful as a ground from which […]

Are You Stuck in a Relationship? Take the Test!

Are you rethinking your relationships? Or, would you love to change careers but just don’t know where to start? Are you stuck by a looming project? perhaps, you are just darn old tuckered out because you’ve been grinding away at the same old routine. Maybe you are gnashing your teeth at night, not sure which way to turn.

Are you breaking up with your wife or husband? Boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you rethinking your relationships? If you are you may be feeling depressed perhaps anxious? These are natural feelings and they can be overcome with clinical hypnotherapy. my approach is story centered, you tell me your story, we reframe and then embed this […]