Enhance Your <b>Hollywood Career!</b> Using #Coaching & #Hypnotherapy

Indeia W. on the pressures of modeling

<h2>Rochelle’s been working with Hollywood Actors, Directors and Writers.</h2><p>India’s talking about how she got started in modeling, and the pressures of a career in modeling. How do you manage your own self-esteem, gaining weight and suffering associated with IBS while working. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Additionally India addresses the suffering and unease associated with body perceptions […]

Want Your <b>Hollywood Career</b> to Take Off?

India W. on Acting - Talking about Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.

Rochelle’s been working with Hollywood Actors, Directors and Writers. Here’s India W. talking about how her acting career has been shifting and changing after a couple of sessions with Rochelle. Interested? Either schedule a FREE consultation or Book a session with Rochelle, tell her your story. She’ll help you reframe it and then watch your […]

<b>Struggling Relationship?</b> Science Says Puppy Pictures May Help.

These photos were not the pictures used in the study, but researchers used puppies and bunnies to spark affection among the study's participants.

​ A new Department of Defense-funded study found that couples who viewed images of cute animals next to photos of their partners developed more positive associations over time. Struggling to stay happy in a long-distance relationship? Here, have some puppy pictures.It may sound like a mere distraction, but a new study published this week in […]

Feeling Abandoned?

Abandonment is something we all face at different times during our journey along the path of life.  When struggling with abandonment issues such as depression, mistrust, and irrational fear may erupt from the depths of the unconscious. This affects daily life, career, friendships and romantic relationships. If you’ve been abandoned, you’re not alone — even though you might […]