If you know me you’ll recognize this from Lao Tzu.

If you know me by coming to one of my monthly workshops or retreats or communicate with me via email you'll recognize this from Lao Tzu.

It perfectly describes how I help my clients begin to understand the power they have and how easy it is to turn past trauma into a transformed future. Book a free phone call with me and ask me how this is possible. Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your […]

Take the Test—Get Unstuck & Move Forward!

Take the test with coffee Photo by alexandru-acea-1097511-unsplash.jpg

Understanding and knowing yourself means you’re preparing yourself to be the Best Version of Yourself. Write a sentence, answer two simple questions, and instantly discover if you are a Tunnel Visionary, a Deflated Doer, a Lone Leader or a Reluctant Adapter, a Waffler or Ideal Achiever. (The test takes 4 minutes). This knowledge will guide you […]

How is Modern Life Like Two Wolves Fighting?

Modern Life is Like Two Wolves Fighting

A Native American Story A grandfather tells his grandson a story about two wolves fighting in his own heart. One wolf is vengeful and violent; the other is loving and compassionate. The grandson asks, “Which one will win?” The grandfather responds, “the one I feed.” Modern Life is Like Two Wolves Fighting! Which One Will […]