Hypnotherapy is no Trick, <b>it’s all Treat!</B>

Hypnotherapy is no trick, it's all treat.

<div><div><h1>Are You Choosing the Wrong Partner? Are You <strong>Coupling or Uncoupling?</strong></h1><h2><strong>Then <a href=”http://rochellelcook.com”>Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles</a> is for You.</strong></h2><p>Do you have trouble getting over a breakup? Do you experience commitment issues? What mind-set or behavior is getting in your way of finding your life-long partner? Reading<em> The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to Healing your Relationship, </em>and using<em>The Guiding Journal </em>and answering […]

<b>Struggling Relationship?</b> Science Says Puppy Pictures May Help.

These photos were not the pictures used in the study, but researchers used puppies and bunnies to spark affection among the study's participants.

​ A new Department of Defense-funded study found that couples who viewed images of cute animals next to photos of their partners developed more positive associations over time. Struggling to stay happy in a long-distance relationship? Here, have some puppy pictures.It may sound like a mere distraction, but a new study published this week in […]