Rochelle was the first person to really put her whole heart…

I found Rochelle through a recommendation.  I thought, why not give it a try.   I have gone to counseling on and off for years.  Rochelle was the first person to really put her whole heart and soul into helping her clients.  She knows what she is doing.  She has made a huge difference in my thinking and overcoming my childhood issues.  She is quick to call back and respond to any issues I may be facing.  If you really want your issues to be resolved, you can rely on the program she uses.  She will give you 100% because she cares so much!

~ Kelly R. Torrance, CA

Rochelle has helped me to overcome my anxiety

Rochelle has helped me over the past two years with a number of issues. I have a hard time trusting in people, especially when it comes to my inner fears – I instantly connected with her! She has helped me to overcome my anxiety and help me start to live the life I have always wanted. Thank you! I recommend her for anyone that is looking to help themselves no matter the issue.

~ Rachel P. 1/26/2015

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I will always utilize her services…

What can I say other than Rochelle is one of the most amazingly authentic people on the planet. Even when walking through some of my darkest moments I never felt judgement or discomfort when I am doing work with her. I have seen a lot of people for therapy and other inner work-they all pale in comparison to the work that Rochelle naturally does. I HIGHLY recommend Rochelle if you have blocks or if you suffer from anything mentally, spiritually or physically as she is a true miracle worker! I will always utilize her services as she makes me feel beyond good during and after our sessions!!

~ Amy F. 1/26/2015

Joy is back in my life, and I owe that to Rochelle’s work!

I have been seeing Rochelle for my Fibromyalgia pain, which has severely affected the quality of my life.  Anyone dealing with Fibromyalgia understands that this is not a quick overnight fix, but I am thrilled to say that Rochelle has helped me immensely, and continues to do so!  Years of doctors, medications, etc didn’t help at all.  But she really has an intuitive insight which completely changed my thinking about this pain, and honestly gave me back my life.  I no longer let my pain and exhaustion run my life, and since meeting Rochelle I can say I feel more like my old self than I ever expected.  She helped me deal with my underlying depression and anxiety about my health situation, and then set me on a path of healing using ACT (acceptance & commitment therapy) which allows me to see that I have control over my response to pain.  What a blessing.

Joy is back in my life, and I owe that to her work!

Rochelle has been given a true gift from God…

I was suffering from food addiction and am overweight as a result of it; I have been overweight ever since I was a small child.  With Rochelle’s help, I have literally stopped wanting the foods that I’m addicted to and am learning what is causing this addictive behavior. I feel in control of my life and see myself as being thin in the very near future.

Rochelle has been given a true gift from God.  She has the ability to identify what is the root of the problem, gives the perfect resolution on how to fix it and makes an extremely positive change in your life through hypnotherapy.

My husband even sees a big difference in my behavior.

Thank you for fixing me Rochelle :0)

~ Diane R .Northridge, CA

I never knew how deep my memories of pain…

Rochelle has enabled me to give myself the greatest gift of all…the lessons of self-healing and self forgiveness.  The experience of meeting up again with my own little wounded soldier that hides deep within my soul and seems to have always had the power to sabotage my adult life happiness now sits lovingly with me and has become my most comforting companion…all thanks to Rochelle.  I never knew how deep my memories of pain went nor how strongly I held onto them and now I know I can let the pain go and keep loving the sweet child I was.  Words can’t begin to describe the difference this has made in my life.  Thanks Rochelle, you are an angel among us all.

~ Melinda G. Dana Point,CA

Release anxiety and emotional food cravings… Today!

I’m thrilled to update my review with the huge success I’ve had thanks to Rochelle’s work.  I was struggling with a bout of anxiety that was coupled with the desire to constantly pick at food, causing a 25 lb weight gain over a six month period.  I couldn’t calm down enough to get a handle on it.
One session with Rochelle was all it took to stop the anxiety and emotional food cravings – one session!  I am so grateful to have found Rochelle’s work and humbled by my own strength and determination to find solutions and do the work.
Thanks Rochelle!
~ Valerie J. Los Angeles