Rochelle's Super Bunnee really helped!

My nine year old daughter battled with constant worrying. Rochelle’s Super Bunnee really helped! My daughter no longer complains about worrying over every little thing. She even uses Super Bunnee’s magic cape when she needs it. I am truly impressed with Rochelle’s work. Thank you Rochelle! ~ Susan H. Manhattan Beach, CA

Supa Bunnee Was Upset

Hi Rochelle, I thought you’d appreciate hearing what Julia did last night… As I was snuggling with her I suggested she listen to a super Bunnee story. She replied that she knows them all really well and suggested that she tell a story herself. She began her super Bunnee story just the way super Bunnee […]

Clinical Therapy for Children—Supa Bunnee Stories

Our Super Bunnee® character is used in clinical therapy for children. Supa Bunnee can help controlling bed wetting, and how to manage being bullied at school, and overcoming fears or anxiety associated with separating couples or going to the dentist, or doctor. Supa Bunnee is your child’s coach and mentor and has been effectively used […]

Pediatric Hypnotherapy with Supa Bunnee® Clinical Proof!

Supa Bunnee® drawing detail of 7-year-old child’s clinical session Our Super Bunnee® stories are available here >> Our Supa Bunnee stories are clinically tested and proven, the results are in after many sessions.The stories are delivered in such a way that the child becomes both fascinated and entrained altering negative behavior into positive ones. What […]