Hypnosis for Anxiety Works! 5 Star Reviews

Hypnosis Therapy Works! See the YELP Testimonials for Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.

Hypnosis Therapy Works! The proof is in the results—Over 63 5 Star Reviews on Yelp “I’ve been seeing Rochelle for 5 months for my anxiety and my experience has been wonderful. I’ve seen other mental health professionals in the past and they have all fallen short. Rochelle really gets to the root of your issues […]

Does Hypnotherapy Work? 5 years later I’m a Doctor

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Test Anxiety?

A Generation Y Video Testimonial.  “Thank you for the #Hypnotherapy and #Coaching Rochelle, it changed my life!” What future goal are you working on? Did you know that you can receive long term benefits from a combination of hypnosis therapy and coaching? Especially if you have test anxiety, or you are experiencing stress from study […]

For Alternative Wellness, Jaclyn Glenn says “Go See Rochelle”

The Skeptic's Guide to Wellness with Jaclyn Glenn. 5 - Going Under With Hypnosis 12m TV-PG CC To see where campy stage hypnosis ends and wellness begins, Jaclyn meets two hypnotherapists to learn more about this ancient but still debated practice.

Deep inside the world of Hypnotherapy & Alternative Wellness A Skeptics Guide to Wellness Jaclyn in her 2018 show “A Skeptics Guide to Wellness” goes deep inside the world of alternative wellness and tests the effectiveness of everything from witchcraft and crystals to hypnosis and psychedelics. After all she’s done she says this about hypnosis… […]

<b>Overcome Test Anxiety</b> in Law School

I thank my lucky stars for Rochelle. She saved my life in law school.

Test taking anxiety is real I thank my lucky stars for Rochelle. She saved my life in law school. Rochelle helped reprogram my mind for success and Assited me in overcoming my fears of test taking. Test taking anxiety is real and for those who experience it understand this. Even with hours of preparation etc., […]

Do You Have Test Anxiety Disorder?

I thank my lucky stars for Rochelle. She saved my life in law school.

Test taking anxiety is very real Here are some tips on overcoming test anxiety. Hypnosis is an effective treatment for test anxiety Learn how to study efficiently. … Study early and in similar places. … Establish a consistent pretest routine. … Talk to your teacher. … Learn relaxation techniques. … Don’t forget to eat and drink. […]

Enhance Your <b>Hollywood Career!</b> Using #Coaching & #Hypnotherapy

Indeia W. on the pressures of modeling

<h2>Rochelle’s been working with Hollywood Actors, Directors and Writers.</h2><p>India’s talking about how she got started in modeling, and the pressures of a career in modeling. How do you manage your own self-esteem, gaining weight and suffering associated with IBS while working. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Additionally India addresses the suffering and unease associated with body perceptions […]

Want Your <b>Hollywood Career</b> to Take Off?

India W. on Acting - Talking about Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.

Rochelle’s been working with Hollywood Actors, Directors and Writers. Here’s India W. talking about how her acting career has been shifting and changing after a couple of sessions with Rochelle. Interested? Either schedule a FREE consultation or Book a session with Rochelle, tell her your story. She’ll help you reframe it and then watch your […]

Just finished <b>“The Soul’s Coach”</b> & I’m in love with it

7 Paths to Healing Relationship by Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT.

After 2 months of my life going up and down and all around I read your book. Now I’m in love with it. All the stories, the meditations and the practical ways you describe how you can change your life work for me. Thank you for all you do for me Rochelle.I am truly grateful and […]