Does Hypnotherapy Work? 5 years later I’m a Doctor

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Test Anxiety?

A Generation Y Video Testimonial.  “Thank you for the #Hypnotherapy and #Coaching Rochelle, it changed my life!” What future goal are you working on? Did you know that you can receive long term benefits from a combination of hypnosis therapy and coaching? Especially if you have test anxiety, or you are experiencing stress from study […]

Valerie On Getting Off Sugar

Stop The Madness... End Emotional Eating For Good

How to End Emotional Eating with Hypnotherapy. Rochelle shows genuine compassion and care! ~ Valerie We also have a 9-Day in-home program that works to release yourself from cravings and addictions. Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program

Jean on Test Anxiety

With Rochelle’s coaching I could study for hours instead of minutes and retain the information!” ~ Jean

Jessica “Postpartum Depression”

I tried everything, I was depressed, hypnotherapy had helped me in the past. I called Rochelle and the first session was completely amazing, my postpartum was so intense, I realized I was not being loving. The first session my OCD minimized. The second session she gave me homework, I kept on improving. ~ Jessica


My life has changed incredible after working with Rochelle.” ~ Anna

Dana “Me Session”

After a series of sessions I’m eating more healthy than before. I’m a science and analytical type of person and Rochelle’s focus on the facts and her recorded sessions (MP3’s) were incredible useful.”I’ve already lost 10 pounds.” ~ Dana

Cher Thriving!

Years ago I was in a car accident, years of pain disappeared by seeing Rochelle. She gave an exercise to do when pain occurs, when I do it the pain goes away.” ~ Cher

Robyn Testimonial

How Rochelle Portrayed herself made me feel comfortable. It allowed me to open up and share what I had not shared with anyone before.” ~ Amber