Choosing the Wrong Relationship?

Do you ever wonder why you keep choosing the wrong relationship?

Uncover the root issue!  This is the work I do root issue counseling. I work with the inner child so that you can relearn how to be in a healthy relationship.  (If you have experienced childhood trauma please read about abandonment here.) I’ve also written a book about the 7 paths every relationship takes before it can really heal. More here…

Here the 7 main reasons why you keep falling for the wrong guy!

  1. You fear being alone
  2. You haven’t given any thought to your relationship deal breakers.
  3. You think you can change him.
  4. You haven’t figured out what you need in life, independent of relationships.
  5. You choose guys who have eerily similar qualities.
  6. You may be afraid of commitment without even realizing it.
  7. You don’t think you deserve better.

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Are you trying to get over a relationship breakup?

  • If someone leaves do you feel like your life is over?
  • Do you feel like, you’ll NEVER find someone like them again.
  • I could have done something to save my relationship… but didn’t. It’s all my fault!
  • All you can do is think about how much you miss your ex.
  • Are you ok if the relationship is not ok?
  • Do your attract the same type of difficult relationship?
  • Do you constantly feel as though you are not worthy or deserving? It’s all your fault.

Do you Want to improve the relationship that you are in now?

Hypnosis can help you to change the unhealthy patterns that often lead you to the exact opposite of what you want!  Through hypnosis, it is possible to work with the root issue that hinders your path to a peaceful, happy relationship. The subconscious mind needs to be reprogrammed to “choose” the person who is right for you!

Do you seem to always attract the wrong person in your life?

  • What would happen if every time you came across someone who “would not be a good fit,” you silently walked away?
  • How would you feel standing by someone that actually makes you happy, content and fulfilled, even at peace?

Relationships should bring the best out of each other. So why do we attract those that are harmful to us? Childhood! I too could write a book on this subject, just go to Amazon and I assure you that your reading list will  be filled with wonderful authors detailing with the “why’s” of relationship misery. If one can go back and discover, and identify the dysfunction in their early life, healing can begin. Here lies the work.

Through hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to “choose” healthy relationships.

Choosing the Wrong Relationship

Why Do I Keep Choosing the Wrong Relationship? Do you want this? The subconscious responds to what it knows, what is has been programmed to see and experience. It is one thing to consciously decide to make a change, but when it comes right down to it, the subconscious often overrides the desire to make a self-supporting decision because it insists on obeying the “knowns.” In fact, when making healthy decisions, it may feel uncomfortable because our subconscious does not understand the change. All the subconscious knows is that in its library of associations, what it learned in childhood, “habit, learned behavior” means safe and comfortable. The vicious circle continues.

Hypnosis quickly helps you to break old negative patterns!

While in hypnosis, you will experience a healthy relationship. The mind believes what you tell it. Through repetition, the subconscious mind WILL accept the new “knowns,” including the inner child new belief system, and you will see and feel a magical shift take place. You will attract the right person into your life, allowing you to experience “reality.” The reality is that you can be happy and you can make self-honoring choices. All you have to do is take the first step.

Talk to me about your issue, often an initial traumatic event occurred. Get rid of that and viola your issues shift. Schedule a free online consultation, it will immediately make you feel better!