Clinical Therapy for Children—Supa Bunnee Stories

Our Super Bunnee® character is used in clinical therapy for children. Supa Bunnee can help controlling bed wetting, and how to manage being bullied at school, and overcoming fears or anxiety associated with separating couples or going to the dentist, or doctor. Supa Bunnee is your child’s coach and mentor and has been effectively used clinically in therapy with extraordinary results.

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Clinical Therapy for Children—Supa Bunnee Stories
The illustrations is from a clinical session (December 2012). The child was 7 years old.

Supa Bunnee’s® stories and downloadable audio books are available on here >> They work because the Supa Bunnee character teaches children about important developmental issues and how to actively navigate through these issues for a positive outcome.
The stories are delivered in such a way that the child becomes both fascinated and entrained altering negative behavior into positive ones.

What issue is your child facing? How can Supa Bunnee help?

We encourage children to draw, paint and write about Supa Bunnee after each session or after listening to the audio books. This reinforces the positive changes suggested by Supa Bunnee. As you can see from the drawing above, feelings of being loved are transferred in the transferential field between child and Supa Bunnee.

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