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The Real Wealth Coaching Program By Rochelle L Cook, “The Game Changer”

Empower yourself and your team to produce! 

Sales and Business Coaching Program for Individuals and Teams.

Is this you?

  • You are powerful within yourself.
  • You have a track record of significant accomplishments.
  • You fumble at times, not achieving your full potential. What’s in the way?

Changing the way your mind works and thinks can offer you a level of optimum performance.

Our clients experience miracles on a regular basis. Lives change bringing abundance to all avenues of their life.

Who do we coach:

We coach exclusively world-class clients, individuals and teams that are powerful, passionate, confident and successful and often they have already achieved a great deal in life however, obstacles still lurk hindering their optimal success. Whether success is taking the next step to a successful business or reaching the next level of wealth our coaching method can modify the thinking process and re program the mind so that you can achieve, produce, provide and shine.

Changing the way your mind works and thinks can offer you a level of optimum performance. This level of performance translates into being clear moment-to-moment and being able to access the power of now. All of what is in the way is reframed in order to produce the successful life you want to live.

Many business’s and salespeople “max out,” Breaking through to a higher level of  success and income becomes challenging and frustrating. In our coaching program we act as catalyst helping you break through whatever obstacle, we call subconscious belief systems, that are standing in your way. We help you to reframe and BELIEVE  success.

We have  worked with hundreds of salespeople, in a variety of industries, including , real estate and mortgage brokers, commodities, financial services, insurance sales, etc. We have coached salespeople who are just starting out  into seven-figure producers. We can help you or your team do what it takes to succeed

  • Increase your sales revenue
  • Reframe the subconscious mind to get over any resistance to selling including fear of rejection
  • Stay on-track and accountable, reach and exceed your goals
  • Increase your closing ratio
  • Identify your  prospects needs and  motivation to buy
  • Overcome objections and turn them into opportunities
  • Increase your referral base
  • Develop rapport  quickly  and sales skills
  • Uncover why you are different what is your strength

We have worked with start ups, CEOs, millionaires, celebrities, best-selling authors, directors and producers, all of their lives have changed beyond recognition. The old static thinking patterns have been reframed and reworked. Leaving healthy and productive thoughts to rule the world in which they live.

Our clients meet simple criteria:

  • They are inspired
  • They like a a challenge,
  • They are willing to work hard on their process
  •  They are extremely committed to following all of our instructions!
  • They are willing to change

Our clients work with us because they are ready for their NEXT level of success, self-expression and personal growth. Our clients are ready to face their fears and rework material that becomes revealed.

This work is not for the faint of heart.  

Our approach works rapidly and helps to remove the self-sabotaging dominant systems that invariable get in the way of productive thinking and action in the world.  The mind believes what you tell it too! We remove the inner struggling and cement in new healthy successful high achieving thoughts that will change your life. It is easy to tell some one what to do but no matter how many times you tell someone to do something unless the subconscious material is enrolled. Without this enrollment, the new way of thinking, the new future picture is still contaminated with the judgments and misbeliefs of the past. We will teach you to view your life with a new perspective, in every moment. We say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say.

Our style of coaching is not from a template. And it is not for everyone. For those who truly want to change the way they think, your life will change forever.

Our approach is highly personalized. For those we work with in other countries we use the phone or Skype. For one-on-one sessions for those not available to meet at our Venice offices travel expenses are extra.

What do you want? What do you think is the miracle YOU think you cannot have?

You make more of an impact in the world (or perhaps you are ready to show the world what you have to offer.) Are you curious what it would be like to be prosperous, happy, achieve, produce and provide in every aspect of your life?

Coaching is extremely effective when you are facing challenges and obstacles. Stop for a moment, imagine, picture or pretend, what it would be like, what would it feel like, if you already lived the life that exists in your dreams!

Our Clients

Our clients make an IMPACT in the world they live in (or they are ready to take their success to the next level). Our clients know what it means to be successful and at the top of their game, their best selves in at least one area of their life – whether they are an athlete, an actor a CEO, a physician or an author. Our clients are ready to find out what a different future could mean and what it will take to reach another more vital level of success.
We deliver a quantum leap forward

This is the place to come when you are ready right here and now to transform your life. Our work together will be intense, insightful – deep, one-on-one coaching that uncovers your dreams and blocks and gives you the mind shaping tools you need to succeed.

Rochelle L. Cook is one of the world’s most respected experts in clinical hypnotherapy, counselor and coach, an author, a featured speaker, and the creator of multiple downloadable series. Rochelle is known as “The game changer”

Prior to her clinical work she was noted to be one of the top sales representatives in her field. The fortune 500 company wanted to know her secret. Rochelle’s response was, the way you think! Rochelle was invited to run a team of fortune 500 sales representatives and the rest was history. She has served as an advisor for large and small business around the country.


Individuals: $3000.00 per month 6 month minimum.  Telephone or in office.

  • Two calls every week for one hour.
  • Unlimited email and text (very important!)
  • Psychological sales strategy
  • Role playing
  • Hypnosis for each session – reframing the subconscious from negative thinking and patterns into positive ones (Downloads included)
  • Analyzing behavior and patters
  • Tracking and implementing best practices

Fees are paid on the 1st of every month. No refunds.

Team coaching:  $10,000 per month (50 seats) 6 month minimum, 1 year recommended.  In office sessions available.

If more then 50 attendees please call for a quote. Location space available

  • One meeting per week every week for one hour.
  • Unlimited email and text (very important!) (Owner/management only)
  • Psychological sales strategy
  • Role playing
  • Hypnosis for each session – reframing the subconscious from negative thinking and patterns into positive ones (Downloads included)
  • Analyzing behavior and patters
  • Tracking and implementing best practices

We highly recommend 2 retreats per year to cement individual and team learning. All curriculum is customized. The following locations are available. (Pricing available upon request)

Team Retreat Locations: 

Executive Retreat Locations: Private Retreats for Executives & Team Leaders  (highly recommended) 

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Contact Rochelle L. Cook 310-577-2381 for questions.

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