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Most of us cling to our fears, which often causes us to give away our power and makes us feel more vulnerable. All the news surrounding the risks, challenges, and deaths associated with the current coronavirus, Covid-19, has definitely weakened us.

As a high-risk individual, I’ve personally joined the hordes of people who have many unanswered questions and fears relating to this virus.

I’ve already ordered extra hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and freeze-dried food. I don’t believe I’m overreacting, though. I believe these are all prudent actions.

Confronting fear leads to a sense of accomplishment and a sense of empowerment, and allows us to feel a little more control over situations. The point of this blog post is not to provide a rationale for fear, but rather to suggest ways in which we can balance our fear by maintaining a sense of well-being during these types of challenging times. For example, amongst other things:

Maintain a calm state of self-awareness, 

Reduce stress

Eat healthy foods

Consider hypnosis

Practice good hygiene

Most importantly only get the science and facts from reliable resources.

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