amanda-MI feel so lucky to have stumbled across Rochelle. I can honestly say she has changed me and my life. She has helped me become a new and better person. Rochelle has helped me take the next step when I was face to face with fears. Fears that were affecting my everyday quality of life. Fears of being alone, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and many more…She has made light of where all my fears stem from and how they have manifested all these negative thoughts.
She has been a blessing to me when the people you are closest to can see a difference in you and you yourself feel like a weight has been lifted and I can see and live life in a different perspective. I know it working.
I am now trying to kick my sugar habit and eat healthy. Over the weekend I had been craving fruits and vegetables and had completely forgotten about our hypnotherapy session. Then it dawned on me … Oh yea I am reprogramming myself.
Hypnotherapy works you just have to have an open mind. She is my white light and I look forward to every session.
I can’t Thank her enough 🙂
~ Amanda M. Santa Monica CA.