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Are You Struggling To Put Into Words What You Are Feeling?

I have been observing alexithymia among people diagnosed with a wide range of mental health problems, including post-traumatic states, drug dependence, eating disorders, anxiety and panic disorders.

What is alexithymia?

Alexithymic, is a term coined by the US psychoanalysts John Case Nemiah and Peter Sifneos in the 1970s, from the Greek a (‘without’), lexis (‘words’), and thymos (‘emotions’).

It refers to a group of interlinked features including the difficulty of identifying and describing subjective feelings, having a limited fantasy life, and a general style of thinking that focuses on external stimuli as opposed to internal states. These people tend to reach an impasse in life and therapy because they are too concrete in their thinking. They are too rational, too literal.

Dark feelings will haunt us until they are expressed in words!

My form of Spiritual Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you to share the dark feelings, identify your true emotions, and most importantly discover the true value of a positive inner world. This opens the door to more happiness and more joy?

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