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Does Medical Hypnosis Work?

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I was suffering from food addiction and am overweight as a result of it; I have been overweight ever since I was a small child.  With Rochelle’s help, I have literally stopped wanting the foods that I’m addicted to and am learning what is causing this addictive behavior. I feel in control of my life and see myself as being thin in the very near future.

Rochelle has been given a true gift from God.  She has the ability to identify what is the root of the problem, gives the perfect resolution on how to fix it and makes an extremely positive change in your life through hypnotherapy.

My husband even sees a big difference in my behavior.

Thank you for fixing me Rochelle :0)

~ Diane R. Northridge, CA

Rochelle is the most loving, wise, down to earth teacher and guide you could ever wish for. She grounded me and, after seeing her, I quit smoking forever! But the entire experience went way beyond just smoking. It was a healing experience.

~ Amy S. Los Angeles, CA

Aversion hypnotherapy is unbelievably effective! I now cringe at the thought of buying, let alone eating, my trigger foods. I haven’t had a binge once after three days listening to Rochelle’s aversion hypnotherapy session and the pounds are melting away. After decades trying diets and many other ways of ending yo-yo binging, I have a completely different relationship with those sugary and salty trigger foods. Thank you Rochelle from the bottom of my heart. 

~ JR. Seattle, Seattle, WA

Rochelle is the real deal! She is extremely articulate, smart, honest and warm. She gained my trust almost instantaneously, she is incredible. Ask for what you want and you shall receive with this miracle worker. She has changed my life and I’ve only had 4 sessions.

~ Annie P. Manhattan, NY

Rochelle is amazing. I have been struggling with anxiety for years and went to her for a few sessions (and still going 🙂 ). I am already seeing great progress and feel that I am able to relax for the very first time. I cannot say enough great things about Rochelle- just go see her and you will know what I mean 🙂 Thanks Rochelle!! See you next week.

~ Caroline F. Venice Beach, CA

Rochelle is a very sweet woman who can help you understand those deep rooted behaviors and bad habits we can’t seem to overcome on our own (even with years of therapy).

I had an eating disorder for 16 years and I had seen a therapist (Psyc. Phd/MFT) for many years and even a Psychiatrist. When I reached out to Rochelle, I thought I was a lost cause and I would never be able to stop purging and over exercising. I had hit rock bottom and my body was in extremely bad shape. In our first session, I told her some details about my childhood that gave her insight into the root of my disorder and she used hypnosis to change these behaviors and improve my self-image. After our first session, I stopped all self-destructive behavior, related to my eating disorder, and have not yet relapsed. Her work also helped me overcome with my addiction to bread and unhealthy carbs.

Thanks to Rochelle, I’ve come a long way and I can honestly say I’m a completely different and healthy person with a positive attitude and the desire to love myself and take care of my body. I would recommend her to anyone with the desire or need to make a real and permanent behavioral change.

~ Linda S. Los Angeles, CA

I have been seeing Rochelle for about 8 weeks now and have lost 20 lbs over that time. I still have a bit more weight to lose but with her help I am confident that I will meet my goal. I loved to eat bean and cheese burritos at least once a week, but after my first session with Rochelle I have not had one bean and cheese burrito nor do I have the craving for them. Her use of aversion therapy has really helped me to be more aware of the foods I am eating and I have stopped having cravings for those unhealthy foods. Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, but through hypno band and aversion therapy I am aware of what I am eating and how much I am eating. I feel so much better about myself and know that it is possible to reach my goal. I am changing the way I look at food and my relationships with it.
Rochelle has had such a positive influence on me and I would not be where I am today without her! I would highly recommend for anyone, trying to lose a little or a lot of weight, to try hypnoband and aversion therapy with Rochelle.

~ Chantal Z. Redondo Beach, CA

Rochelle is an inspiring and intelligent person. She has helped me so quickly with so many deep rooted issues that I feel like I have been stuck with for so long. I cannot thank her enough for helping me start a new journey. Her technique works, and it is a wonderful to be in her company.I have never tried hypnotherapy before, but I am so grateful to have found Rochelle because I have realized that is she gives so much more. She is an incredible spiritual guide, filled with light and love.  I look forward to continue working with her.

~ India W. Venice,CA

Through Rochelle’s 6 Day Intensive Program, she helped us greatly to change our path for the better. My husband, a true skeptic, came out a true believer in the power of hypnotherapy. It’s relaxation like you’ve never felt before, but it’s energizing and enlightening. She taught us many tools that helped us realize success in our business and personal lives immediately and we still use these tools daily change how we think and FEEL . I highly recommend her.

~ Carri B. Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

My nine year old daughter battled with constant worrying.  Rochelle’s Super Bunnee really helped!  My daughter no longer complains about worrying over every little thing.  She even uses Super Bunnee’s magic cape when she needs it.  I am truly impressed with Rochelle’s work.  Thank you Rochelle!

~ Susan H. Manhattan Beach, CA

I have had the extreme good fortune of encountering Rochelle in my life during the past couple of months. I did not know Rochelle before I decided to go to her for hypnotherapy.  I randomly saw an ad for her hypnotherapy services.  She had great reviews on yelp so I decided to give her a try.  I have been plagued by panic, fear and anxiety for just about as long as I can remember and I just wanted to know what it would feel like to be “peaceful” and “normal” like other people must feel that don’t have these issues.

I’m in my mid 40’s so I’ve been dealing with this for a very, very long time.  The journey and literal life transformation that occurred as a result of working with Rochelle is nothing short of miraculous.  Seriously.  Shortly after I started seeing her my symptoms basically vanished.  She enabled me to get past several traumatic events that had left these life lasting very, very negative emotions.  She used a couple types of hypnotherapy including past life regression.  Several years ago I saw a psychiatrist (nice but just talk, talk, talk – nothing resolved) and a psychologist/hypnotherapist (nice, still nothing resolved) and various anti-anxiety medications prescribed by doctors over the years to combat my feelings.

If I had known that I could have resolved them by going to Rochelle, I would have done this years ago.   I am thankful that I have been able to go through this journey with her.  She is extremely knowledgeable, honest, straight forward, kind, compassionate and super easy to talk to – she made me feel immediately comfortable and there is an extremely healing and spiritual nature about her work.  Rochelle is the real deal and I am truly thankful that she has been part of my healing journey towards a feeling of real peacefulness.  If you can relate to this on any level, run to her, don’t walk………………….for me, this has been one of the single most profound and healthy choices I have ever made for my mind, body and soul – in my entire life.  If you are serious about making a life transforming change then go see Rochelle.

~ Abby L. Hermosa Beach, CA

I’ve used Rochelle’s’  services as a hypnotherapist on several occasions. I can say without hesitation that her skills and talents as well as her ability to listen and determine your needs are well above average reproach. I always felt like a million dollars after one of my many productive sessions with rochelle and I can confidently recommend her without reservation.

If you have something you are trying to get over personally, or want help making something happen positively in your life and needing ways to help switch out of your negative mind, she can do it all!

Sincerely, Sports car guy 82

~ E.M. Los Angeles,CA

I am so grateful for Rochelle Cook and Dr. Glock! They are two of the most compassionate healers I have ever worked with. As a retired paramedic and person with a troubled youth I have witnessed more trauma than most people would be capable of handling. I have the drive and tenacity of a bull but something always seemed to get in my way of really succeeding! Through working with Rochelle and Dr. Glock I have found so many blocks from all my past traumas. We have been working through all of them! So much so that people are even starting to comment: “Amy you look so much lighter!” I have lost ten pounds, attracted new career boosting opportunities and faced some of my biggest fears. All of this after only a few sessions! Miracle workers. Truly. I highly recommend these amazing beings to anyone. I am excited for my next session and feel so much love from Rochelle and Dr. Glock I could burst into tears of joy. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Amy F. Seattle, Real Estate Broker WA

Transformational is an apt description of the experience derived from Rochelle’s expertise.  With her intuitive, intelligent and enthusiastic approach to hypnosis, she brought  an astonishing amount of clarity and peace in our sessions.  She is  a warm, spiritual and sensitive person and a brilliant communicator. I immediately felt comfortable with her and confident in her abilities.   The process is fascinating, enjoyable and very effective.  I highly recommend Rochelle to anyone grappling with the many issues she is dedicated to healing.

~ Michael P. Beverly Hills, CA

Rochelle Cook brings to her sessions a deep knowledge in the art of hypnotherapy – both learned and innate.  She is intuitive, compassionate and creative.  Her generous spirit, imagination and wonderful ways of “traveling” with her clients in their subconscious, allows for a deep healing to take place.  In the series of sessions I had with Rochelle, I became much more aware of my “issues,” and my ability to make healthy choices rather than respond automatically to challenging triggers has grown substantially.  I highly recommend Rochelle’s hypnotherapy sessions.  With your cooperation and intentions they will change your life for the best!  Elana Golden, screenwriter, director, writing muse and teacher.

~ Elana G. Los Angeles, CA

I am so grateful to  have met Rochelle. I will not try any more therapist.
Rochelle has a very connective personality and very positive contagious energy.
I feel extremely comfortable with her and I definitely feel the progress.

~ Juanita G. Los Angeles, CA

I’m writing this review because I know how overwhelming it can be to carry and be deeply affected by unresolved trauma. The overwhelming piece comes in by thinking it’s not possible to heal the underlying pain. I’m blown away by all that’s happened in the short time I’ve been seeing (healing through) Rochelle. I’m working through extreme childhood trauma that my subconscious mind has held on to.

I was thrilled to find The Thriving Mind and Rochelle as hypnosis has helped me in the past (with less challenging things); her spiritual psychology expertise sealed the deal for me.  With that, I had no idea I’d experience the depths of what’s unfolding.

My first session was to tell my story.  I was able to talk about it with a fair amount of ease as Rochelle is warm, open and very compassionate; you definitely know she understands the depth of what you’ve been through.  I was sent home with a very calming hypnosis mp3 that helped me to feel peaceful; I’ve never felt peaceful after sharing my horrendous childhood!

My next session connected me with my inner child through hypnosis. I was guided in a way that felt safe and loving.  It was a  healing and reconnection session that truly blew me away.  It was a beautiful, heartfelt and joyous reunion with my child self, as odd as that may sound.  My subconscious mind was able to go back to another time in my life.  It was a vivid experience that included a loving exchange between the younger me and my current self that was needed to start the healing process.

I’m reading, writing (purging), writing some more and enjoying this healing process.  Did I say enjoying!!!  I would never have anticipated that, NEVER.

Rochelle is an amazingly gifted healer.  I was guided to her and am tremendously grateful for all that’s coming through.  I can’t wait for my next session and all that is to come.

I hope my thoughts will be helpful to someone looking for healing…  There’s a reason Rochelle has so many wonderful reviews.  You can’t help but want to let others know how life changing her work is.

I’m thrilled to update my review with the huge success I’ve had thanks to Rochelle’s work.  I was struggling with a bout of anxiety that was coupled with the desire to constantly pick at food, causing a 25 lb weight gain over a six month period.  I couldn’t calm down enough to get a handle on it.

One session with Rochelle was all it took to stop the anxiety and emotional food cravings – one session!  I am so grateful to have found Rochelle’s work and humbled by my own strength and determination to find solutions and do the work.
Thanks Rochelle!

~ Valerie J. Los Angeles, CA

I have been working with Rochelle on being comfortable with playing a bigger ballgame with my life. In the past I was really uncomfortable and in overwhelm just thinking about having success and abundance. Now BRING IT ON!

ALSO, I have been suffering from chronic pain, her work is deep and very intuitive, and I am feeling so much better. I go for walks without having to take painkillers now.

~ Cher B. Venice Beach, CA

Rochelle is SOOO GOOD @ what she does. I feel safe with her & confident that when hypnotized I can let go because I really trust her & know I’m in good hands. I always feel uplifted when leaving her office. She’s extremely intuitive, gets to the heart of the matter, & hypnotizes on whatever is needed most. I also like the zen, private, protective, good energy feel of her office. So glad I found her! 🙂

~ Mary M.Hermosa Beach, CA

Rochelle is a wonderful lady. Bushes empathetic, kind & understanding.  I immediately felt comfortable under her care. She helped me a lot. In would recommend her without reservation.

~ Olwyn P. Los Angeles, CA

I found Rochelle on Groupon. Purchased a session with her and have been going back weekly to her ever since. I was unfamiliar with hypnosis, but intrigued to learn and try to heal things that I felt needed to be addressed from my past. I am learning how powerful our subconscious really is. We so often forget the power of our minds since we usually are not aware of this subconscious level. I have been to therapy in the past, but nothing like this. I believe Rochelle is able to help me more than any other person I have found. She is effective. I tell her my life story, what bothers me, what I struggle with, and we spend our sessions repairing and envisioning the life that I want and actually have  (if I let go of all the hurt, pain, and fears I have carried for so many years). I thank Rochelle for her insight, her ability to say exactly what I need to hear. My mind is humbled by her words. After each session I feel so happy. I have been raving about her since I met her. I HIGHLY recommend trying this out. She has a gift, and I am lucky I found her. My life seems to be happier already. Thank you!

~ Elina A. Los Angeles, CA

Rochelle is an outstanding, gifted and sensitive hypnotherapist. Her sessions are transformative and beautiful. There were many experiences that were uplifting and dreamlike. She makes you feel very comfortable and work through any issues for postive changes in life. I highly recommend her.

~ David O. Santa Monica, CA

What an amazing experience! Rochelle is heaven sent.  I had a friend that highly recommended her and never trying hypnosis before, I decided to give it a go.  And I was glad I did.  Rochelle is very knowledgeable and gifted.  I recently went to Rochelle a few times and have started seen a transformation in myself.  She makes you feel very comfortable and open.  I am definitely going back and I recommend anyone who has ever given it a thought to check out Transformational Hypnosis.  And if you’re a skeptic, a session will sure change your mind.  Here’s to health, wealth, and happiness!

~ Lucy L San Diego, CA

Rochelle has a passion and aptitude to work with individuals working with depression.  Combining her skills in hypnotherapy with her existing training in working with the mind and emotions accelerates what is possible in experiencing relief and aliveness.  I recommend Rochelle!  Greta Hassel, MFT

~ Greta H. Santa Monica, CA

I found Rochelle when I bought a coupon for hypnosis, originally intending to use it to curb my appetite and other compulsive behaviors. But when I met Rochelle I instantly realized that wasn’t why I needed her. In our first session I was able to open up and have an instant breakthrough on a far deeper matter – issues around my Mother that I’d been carrying around for my entire 34 year existence. In her presence, in her understanding, I felt safe and could trust her.  With Rochelle’s help, her guidance, her hypnotherapy and specific homework instructions, I went from feeling total resentment and resistance towards my Mother to feeling compassion, love and recognition that my Mother is a part of me, and one that I highly value.  How many sessions did this take? Five. Five incredible sessions that released a lifetime of pain and suffering. I’m a different person now and since I still have quite a few sessions left, we’re now delving into another gross monster: limiting beliefs. I’m excited to do this work, to get more clearing, to make room for the self-actualized woman that I am becoming. I’m grateful for Rochelle and her transformative work.

~ AdaPia D. Los Angeles, CA

I am giving 5 stars as I went to stop smoking and it worked!!
I went to see Rochelle at the beginning of December and i have not had one cigarette since. I had been smoking since I was 17. I have been trying to give up for years, but I always went back to smoking, whenever I was stressed, had a craving or just because… I really wanted to just stop althoghter so i thought I would try Hypnosis.
Rochelle was completely approachable and easy to talk too. The atmosphere and the experience was just so positive.
I would definitely recommend it.

~ Maria M. Venice Beach, CA

Rochelle is definitely passionate about healing others. I felt a connection with her from the moment I met her. She always makes room in her busy schedule for me, even on days when she’s supposed to be off. I’m so fortunate to have her in my life!

~ Erica K .Redondo Beach, CA

I’ve had two sessions with Rochelle so far. The first one was two hours and the second one was 1 hour. Rochelle is very approachable, very caring and is quick at finding the deeper rooted reasons that brought you to her office, provide a customized hypnosis session and still find time to get to know you!

She is really knowledgeable in different aspects of spirituality, psychology and the related. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking for someone to trust and work on themselves at a deeper level! You can tell that she really wants you to heal and realize your own potential.

I’m really happy to have found her so close to my neighborhood!

~ Helene V. Los Angeles, CA

I strongly recommend Rochelle as a therapist.  I went in to see Rochelle based on a good recommendation by a friend because I was dealing with difficult family relationships stemming from the recent passing of a parent. I gained so much from her incredibly accurate and helpful analysis, and she provides a number of powerful visualization and spiritual exercises that helped me gain a better and more healthy perception of myself and others.  I feel as though a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I look forward to continued work with such a great professional.

~ Tim C. Venice Beach, CA

Rochelle is able to make you feel uplifted and at peace, no matter what might be bothering you when you see her. Rochelle is genuine and can make you feel like you have known her your whole life. I have never felt so refreshed after speaking to someone about myself. Thank you, Rochelle.

~ Laura C. Newport Beach, CA

Rochelle is truly a remarkable person and is the best at what she does. What makes Rochelle different than anyone else I’ve ever worked with is that she LOVES what she does and is simply passionate about helping people and it shows through in her work! I’ve spent years in and out of therapy with small improvements. I’ve seen Rochelle about 4-5 times now and the progress and growth I’ve seen so far greatly surpasses what I saw in years of work with other practioners!

There are hardly words to describe the beautiful work she does. Beyond individual work with her patients, Rochelle spends a lot of time giving back to the community at large, especially the LGBT community. Rochelle really specializes in helping people with self-acceptance and abandonment issues, which devastatingly, is common within the LGBT community. Rochelle and a colleague of hers put on large seminars throughout the country for LGBT persons that work on healing through meditation called “Yes, I Belong”. I encourage any LGBT brothers and sisters who are looking for someone to work with to seek out Rochelle or the large seminars she hosts. She knows her stuff. The next one is in Seattle on Oct. 18 then another in LA.

So much love and gratitude for Rochelle.

~ Cecillia M. Los Angeles, CA

I heard about hypnotherapy a long time ago but didn’t think much about it until more recently, when I started to become more curious about it. I was a little skeptical at first, but I do my best to stay open to any and all possibilities, so when I saw Rochelle on LivingSocial, I decided to give it a shot. I called her to ask whether she could help me with my “issues” surrounding fertility and she said absolutely and I felt right away from our first phone call that I was in good hands. She made me feel very comfortable and safe. So, when I showed up for my first session with her, I had a good feeling, but I really did not know what to expect.

Well, overall, it has surely surpassed any expectations I might have had. A few years ago I was in regular therapy for other reasons and had good results, but with Rochelle I have had MUCH greater results in a MUCH faster time, and I mean MUCH! I went to see her specifically for my fertility and ended up getting so much more. Within a few weeks I completely cleared up some “issues” I had with my family (that I didn’t even really know were there), I had amazing positive shifts with my boyfriend and we are now closer than ever (and our relationship was great to begin with), I now have a job that I am very proud to talk about (I was working the job before but not getting paid for it and now I am), and the stress and anxiety and “what if’s” that used to surround my fertility are mostly gone and my outlook on having a baby has changed drastically, for the positive, all because I went to see Rochelle and kept an open mind and wanted to heal.

All the shifts I have had in the different aspects of my life were related to the fertility in some manner, so when I cleared up and bettered the other areas, it opened the door even wider for me to heal with the fertility and move forward in a positive, upbeat manner. Rochelle will be the first to tell you that it is all you that is doing the work and getting the results (after all, it is your body and your mind), she is just guiding you and she is so good at what she does. She truly cares about her clients and she treats everyone like an individual and proceeds accordingly with each session. I am so grateful that Rochelle came into my life. I trust Rochelle implicitly with all of my thoughts, feelings, secrets and desires. She has taught me so much and given me so many tools that I can use in my everyday life to cope with whatever may arise. I often hear her voice in my head giving me advice as to how I should handle something. Not only have I had numerous amazing positive shifts, but I have also learned so much about myself, so a lot of things make a lot more sense now and I can check myself if I start acting in a certain way or saying or thinking a certain thing and I can put those misbeliefs or judgments, as she calls them, in the past.

After a couple of weeks of working with Rochelle, she suggested I do a 6-day intensive regarding my fertility. It was amazing! I can’t possibly put words to the experience to do it justice, but it, along with other things she has done in sessions with me, including past life regression and gestalt, completely changed my outlook. And she made me a fertility CD from the 6-day intensive that I listen to every night before I go to bed. It helps me stay calm and keeps me on a positive track with my thoughts and feelings about having a baby (or babies).   Everything she has suggested we do has been the perfect thing at the perfect time. She just somehow knows and has always steered me in the right direction. I will be honest, it is not always roses, and it can be hard work sometimes, but Rochelle makes you want to do the work even when you don’t feel like doing it (and I have had those days!).

In the beginning, most of it did feel like “work,” but I kept at it and now a lot of it has become second nature and I do it automatically and I enjoy doing it! Rochelle has taught me to trust my intuition/gut/higher self (whatever you choose to call it) and has helped me to realize that “everything really is OK” even when I felt like the world was crashing in, and that the decisions that I make truly are the right decisions. It is still a process and a journey that I am on and always will be, but with Rochelle’s help it has become a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, even during the more difficult times. Just last week I got some discouraging news about my fertility, but instead of wallowing in my sorrows for weeks on end (that I used to do), I bounced back in one day and I am forging ahead, thanks to Rochelle!  Everything REALLY IS OK, better than OK!! I am so grateful for Rochelle and because of working with her I am now able to focus on all the things in my life that I do have and that I am grateful for instead of those things that I don’t yet have.  I am trusting they will all come to me at exactly the right time when they are supposed to and how they are supposed to!

~ Sasha C. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Rochelle is amazing and trull a gifted healer and care giver.  The subconscious drives so much suffering and transformational hypnosis goes right to the source to address and heal these issues.   I highly recommend Rochelle.

~ John G. Venice, CA

I smoked my entire life. My biggest fear was that if I stopped smoking I would gain weight. I went and saw Rochelle. I am no longer a smoker and I have not gained any weight. My family especially children are so happy that I have finely kicked a long life time habit. Rochelle, not only do I thank you but so do my children. You have made something possible I never even dreamed could come true. THANK YOU!

~ Cynthia S. West Hollywood, CA

Rochelle is the one thing I needed in my life that I didn’t know was missing until I met her.

I found Rochelle and her services through an online deal. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I knew I needed help. I just lost a father to cancer, I was very unhappy with my life, and I had no one to turn to. I sought out other forms of therapy but I never got the results I was hoping for.

For as long as I could remember, I have dealt with serious anxiety, self-deprecation, and unhappiness. Aside from the traumatic family events, I had no reason to feel the way I did. I thought my way of thinking was completely normal and that everyone shows a certain amount of criticism towards themselves. After about 5 minutes with Rochelle, I realized that my way of thinking about my abilities and myself was unhealthy and NOT normal.

Once I recognized this, I didn’t know how to begin this change I so desperately needed, but that is where Rochelle stepped in. With her methods, she has truly OPENED my eyes. She showed me that I was so negative towards myself that it greatly impacted my relationships with my friends and family, and my future goals.

Today, I am completely new woman. I felt constricted within myself before, but now I feel like I can breathe and live my life. Currently, I’m working on test anxiety and increase of memory for the MCAT I have scheduled in April.

I look forward to seeing Rochelle every week and I cannot express how truly thankful and appreciative I am for her. She has given me a gift that one could only receive from within.

Thank you Rochelle!

~ Jean R. West Los Angeles, CA

A gifted healer who gives 1000%. Smart and funny too. And, oddly, my wife is crazy about her as well – even though she’s afraid to participate she can see the improvement in me. And Rochelle’s husband is a whole other trip. There must be a word out there somewhere that describes him.
Deep thanks, Allan

~ Allan M .Venice Beach, CA

I have only seen Rochelle a couple times and already see an improvement in the way I look at food.

I walk into her room of sanctuary and feel ready to start my healing process.

Rochelle is truly an amazing person and I feel completely safe under her care.

~ Robyn R. Los Angeles, CA

Rochelle helped me to recognize some deep rooted issues I didn’t realize I had buried way down.   After a number of sessions, I feel more free and at peace.  I don’t think there are many therapists like Rochelle that are out there – her methodology is different yet works.  I recommend her if you are seeking answers, want more awareness for yourself and are open to change… and doing the (necessary) homework that helps you to really heal.  Rochelle knows her stuff!!!

~ C.G. Venice Beach, CA

I went to see Rochelle to help me work through some self-doubt issues prior to a major job interview.  I told her what specifically was bothering me, and she promptly zoomed in on the issue itself and stripped it down to its bones.  We first talked for a bit and afterwards, she moved onto a specific mind-shaping hypnosis, designed for my specific situation.  She recorded it for me to listen to throughout the day, and I felt very light after I walked out.  I aced my interview, so I know it worked!  Thank you, Rochelle!

~ Gossia S. West Hollywood, CA

Rochelle is an amazing, insightful, powerful person who worked with me to quit smoking—something I thought was impossible. She made it easy in a way, even though my process was difficult, she was there every step of the way guiding me toward health. My dream, when I first came to her, was to be smoke-free, and after several sessions that is what I am. I am so grateful to her and her unbelievable talent—the way she lovingly led me toward my goal. She is simply the best.

~ Amy S .Santa Monica, CA

Rochelle is brilliant.  I had read about her incredible work and desperately wanted to see her, but did not have the funds.  Rochelle heard a bit of my story and has opened her arms (and beautiful space) to me for free.  Truly a testament to her selflessness and dedication to her craft.

For years I have been depressed- and despite many other methods (including therapy, medication) I have been unable to feel better.  I have only had two sessions with Rochelle and I swear the cloud of confusion and despair that has been surrounding me for so long has been lifted.  The troubling elements in my life have become so much clearer and manageable.  Rochelle imparts her wisdom and years of experience in a way that is simple to understand and easy to implement into your life. Rochelle has an energy about her that is completely one of a kind- rather, once in a lifetime!  Just sitting with Rochelle brings me an air of tranquility.  And each time I leave, I feel free of my troubles, empowered & (she says it best herself), THRIVING!  She brings out the creative, happy and loving side of me that I often feel I am without.   She has helped me to rediscover my sense of self, and helps me to see the beauty in me!

In this town, it is impossible to find someone so sincere, warm and passionate.  She is in this business for the business of others.  She just gets it.  Although I’ve tried to portray how incredible she is, it is difficult to find words to accurately describe Rochelle.  She is such a rare extraordinary talent.  I feel so lucky to have found her, and cannot wait for her to continue to further shift my perceptions to help me embody a clearer mindset.

I have endless love for this woman!!! I can never thank you enough, Rochelle for helping me in this difficult time.

~ Genevieve G. Los Angeles, CA

I feel so lucky to have stumbled across Rochelle. I can honestly say she has changed me and my life. She has helped me become a new and better person. Rochelle has helped me take the next step when I was face to face with fears. Fears that were affecting my everyday quality of life. Fears of being alone, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and many more…She has made light of where all my fears stem from and how they have manifested all these negative thoughts.
She has been a blessing to me when the people you are closest to can see a difference in you and you yourself feel like a weight has been lifted and I can see and live life in a different perspective. I know it working.
I am now trying to kick my sugar habit and eat healthy. Over the weekend I had been craving fruits and vegetables and had completely forgotten about our hypnotherapy session. Then it dawned on me … Oh yea I am reprogramming myself.
Hypnotherapy works you just have to have an open mind.
She is my white light and I look forward to every session.
I can’t Thank her enough 🙂

~ Amanda M. Santa Monica, CA

Rochelle gets five stars because she is DEDICATED TO HELPING OTHERS & she has the SKILL SET TO DO IT. Her experience, training, intuitive nature & compassion helped me connect with my past and guided me through a TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS that gave me understanding and freedom. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to meet with Rochelle and experience this for yourself. Thank you Rochelle for all you have given me so far.

~ Maxine W. Los Angeles, CA

Before I went to see Rochelle I used to binge out on peanut butter. I could eat the entire jar in one sitting. One session did the job. Every time I think about it I want to scream! I will never eat it again. She also helped me to get off other foods that I felt I absolutely had to have. I have lost over 45 pounds! Rochelle, you have saved me from a life of misery. I cannot thank you enough.

~ Lisa P. Manhatten, NY

“My sessions with Rochelle have done wonders.  My anxiety is at lower levels; the techniques (especially the breathing ones) have really helped.  My back issues have reduced significantly, this is linked with with my anxiety levels lessening.  The idea of taking out the pain, and putting into a box and throwing it away has worked wonders.  I just think about that, and it helps the pain right away”.

~ Mark Morales. Los Angeles, CA

I am giving 5 stars as I went to stop smoking and it worked!! 
I went to see Rochelle at the beginning of December and i have not had one cigarette since. I had been smoking since I was 17. I have been trying to give up for years, but I always went back to smoking, whenever I was stressed, had a craving or just because… I really wanted to just stop altogether so I thought I would try hypnosis.
Rochelle was completely approachable and easy to talk too. The atmosphere and the experience was just so positive.
I would definitely recommend it.

~ Maria M.

The people I’ve met and the experiences we shared this weekend were undeniably priceless. Yesterday’s event was very eye opening and truly amazing.

~ Matt Peterson Seattle

I got off sugar! I was addicted to candy, donuts, chocolate, you name it I ate it! Not anymore. Rochelle waved some magic wand and presto! I can’t stand the stuff. Thanks rochelle, you’re a life saver!

~ Bob P. Manhattan, NY

I used to drink more wine then I should. Im not going to say that I had a alcoholic dependency but, I needed to slow it down. I went to see Rochelle, in one session I went from a few too many to only two glasses! I can now appreciate the finer things in life without over doing it. Thank you Rochelle I appreciate your non judgmental eye and kindness.

~ Adam C. Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much. You and your wife are an answer to my prayers and seemed like really special people. I wanted to get information about scheduling an appointment with her and need info about fees etc. We have 4 kids and live in Pasadena but my soul says I need to get there somehow and make it work… Does she have another email or do I schedule through you? Thank you for being such a gift and I pray to get some healing and let go of some of the old ideas and trauma that are hurting me in my life…
Thank you, God bless,

~ Sara Lee

I had the privilege of attending a “Law of Attraction” 2-hour group session with Rochelle Cook and Dr. Michael Glock. I chose to work on my blocks around trusting that I will have consistent financial abundance. WOW! I was able to quickly visualize the past life where this blockage arose. I continue to work to increase my trust and confidence in this important arena that “I Have Enough”! (shelter, food and love). Highly recommend this talented, caring husband and wife duo for their results. Isn’t it time to move forward in your life in more powerful, happier, healthier new ways?

~ Gwendolyn, Seattle, WA

I have to say that Aytana has completely stopped having “accidents” in bed, she has had NONE!!! I am so happy for her and proud. Obviously I am also very thankful to you for helping with her little problem in such a gentle and caring way.
I also wanted to ask you about a weight loss group session that I think I saw a while ago, I cannot find that email! I have so many people that would benefit from that. If you can please send me the information so I can share on my web and facebook page, that would be awesome.
Thank you!!
~ Carla

My boyfriend is overseas working and I am alone but I can handle it. I think the hardest part is going to bed, but I can definitely see a difference. I’m not as scaredy cat as much as usual. I have my moments, but I use my red band and when I start feeling Insecure I tell myself its my abandonment talking. I look forward to my session on Tuesday.
Thank you so much for checking in on me. You have been a blessing to me and I appreciate you so much you have no idea. See ya Tuesday!

~ Alcica  C.

Rochelle, Thank you again for today’s session I truly enjoyed it and feel we are in the right track!
I feel super inspired and I am going to write in my gratitude book just after I finish my kale and quinoa salad ;)
Thank you again! I am so grateful that the universe brought you into my life.

~ Ciao, Kelly

I’m so glad that I found Rochelle, and Transformational is such the right word for her Hypnotherapy!

I was so curious about hypnotherapy, I always wondered if it would work for me.  When I saw an online deal, I thought why not!  I had some anxieties and issues to work on, and although minor, they prevented me from living the way I wanted to live.  I knew I could be happier if I just lost more weight, became fluent in Japanese, and maybe have a baby.  Although I didn’t know that Rochelle could help me with that when I first met her.

I met with her last summer, and she really appealed to my creative side.  I began losing weight without any effort, and Japanese has become easier for me to retain.  But the biggest difference in my life is that I’m pregnant!  Obviously, I don’t care about losing weight right now, but I’m confident that after I deliver my little boy, it won’t be a problem at all.

We had been trying to get pregnant all of 2012, and not until I met with an OB in Oct, did she mention acupuncture and hypnosis for getting pregnant.  Who knew?  It’s certainly not out there in the mainstream.  Since I already had done some acupuncture for some fertility treatments and nothing had happened, I really jumped on the idea of hypnosis!  I had a horrible birthing experience with my first, so my OB suggested that maybe that negative energy needed to be cleared out before the next new energy could come in, AND that it would be a more cost effective/easier way before going down the road of hormone shots, etc.

Since I already had Rochelle help me out on my other smaller issues, maybe she could help me with this bigger, more important issue.  After only one session, I was surprised to find out that my hubby and I were pregnant, without even trying!  We were aiming for the next cycle, when all of a sudden we found out that we didn’t need to aim anymore.  It was the week before Christmas when we found out, and we couldn’t have gotten a better present than that!  Literally, we had been trying 8 mths with ovulation kits, and the last month or two doing acupuncture, but nothing with just that.

Rochelle delivers results!

I’ve found, as long as you have an idea of why you are blocked or why you aren’t where you want to be, you can obliterate it.   Also, Rochelle was a therapist first, so she can certainly help with finding out why too!

If you’re ready for change, then give Rochelle a try.  Going with an open mind is all that’s needed.  Obviously, you don’t have to be completely convinced this will work for you, but of course, that wouldn’t hurt  =) j**

~ Juliet E. Los Angeles, CA

I plateaued on my weight, tried many diets, and realized I needed help to get me over this hump. This was a mental issue as I was exercising regularly, but eating too much.  Rochelle and Mike have both stepped in to help me as I have a very analytical mind and an ability to fall asleep easily.  Through this program I’ve stopped my cravings for Macaroni & Cheese and high calorie burritos.  I really had to eat these items once a week – now not at all.  I was resistive at first, not believing these cravings could stop, but after a session, I realized I didn’t need those items. My awareness for what I’m eating and how much I’m eating has heighten.  Rochelle really made me realize without pushing that I needed to count calories.  She provided me ways of enjoying food.  My confidence and self esteem has increased as my fitness goal is now achievable.   Thanks Rochelle

~ Dana P. Long Beach, CA

I love working with Rochelle. Its not only relaxing and cathartic, but it improves your life! She has so many ways of working with you, its not just a one size fits all production. She’s great at listening and forming a game plan to help you realize the goal you going after.  Weather its for smoking, over eating, anxiety, phobias, Seasonal Affective… i find it interesting so we talk about all the other things she works on… I dont have all these issues lol. Personally I’m feeling better than ever, and that is my goal is to be the best i can be. Rochelle is helping with a big part of that 🙂

~ Kimberly C. Marina del Rey,CA

Rochelle is really wonderful. In my first session she made me feel very comfortable (I’ve never done any hypnosis type work before) and relaxed so I would get the benefit of her treatment. I have to say I already feel my behavior changing from even just ONE session! I’m definitely excited to go back and highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to make a positive life change!

~ Lia M. West Los Angeles, CA

My Experience with Rochelle has been incredible. She is a gifted, dedicated professional hypnotherapist and a wonderful person. My favorite sessions were the guided visualization. The sessions were relaxing, grounding, healing and insightful. Highly recommended!!

~ Stella L. Los Angeles, CA

I am extremely fortunate to be able to work with  Rochelle.  I  initially  went to go see her regarding my  self esteem but it was evident that we needed to deal with my depression before we could work on other things.  I am completely amazed that after a few sessions with her my depression is under control, which is mind boggeling to me as I have struggled with it since childhood.
I am an actress and because of self esteem issues, auditioning has always been overwhelming for me to the point of sometimes not being able to see.  I have had two sessions with her and had an audition the same day as the session and I was so amazed that I was able to go in and audition and not experience the paralyzing fear that has always taken over my body and mind.  I was jumping for joy after the audition, because I had  felt calm, in the moment,  was able to relate and really do a great audition not to mention,  not have the experience of beating myself up in the car on the way home because I felt like I had failed.
ROCHELLE is a wonderful person and an amazing hypnotist that helps you because of her passion for helping others.  She is loving person with a big heart and true knowledge of how to help others.
She has helped me to get to the point where I am sure that I am now able to step into my dream with confidence and the self assurance that I should have in my talent.

Thanks so much Rochelle, you have no idea how much,  this transforming experience  means to me.

~ Rita O. Venice Beach, CA