Early Childhood Development Issues? Try Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Children

There are many issues that children have that can be helped or even be alleviated through hypnosis such as bed wetting, fear of monsters, nail biting, stuttering, obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD, ADHD nightmares, stress, fears, phobias, “things,” under the bed, pain control, surviving divorce, improving test scores, test anxieties, first day of school, school illness, sibling rivalry sleeping, and sleeping alone— there are many other issues to list.

There are many problems that hypnotherapy can help when it comes to children. Children are typically wonderful hypnotic subjects because they have active imaginations that allow the hypnotherapist to induce the hypnotic state easily and quickly. For example, a child can imagine themselves flying to the moon or have a tea party with their favorite pink elephant. Choosing the holistic road may be the healthy choice.

Do you Love Your Child? We can equip your child with the confidence and life skills they need.

Rochelle has created a character that children can relate to named Supa Bunnee®. She has her own website! SupaBunnee.com Why? Because she is important! Through storytelling and the child’s imagination, a new friendship is formed, offering the child additional support to overcome the issue at hand.

The Secret to Overcoming Issues

These developmental stories are best used with one on one hypnotherapy; however, we have seen children address struggles by simply listening to Supa Bunnee on a regular basis. Repetition is the key. Children tend to listen to the same song or same movie over and over again! I think some of us, parents that is, have actually memorized the story of the  “The Lion King” ourselves! The subconscious mind loves repetition. You may find that Supa Bunnee warms your heart just as she does your child’s.

Some Common Issues Hypnotherapy Can Address

Asthma (Child Hypnosis)

A large percentage of childhood problems stem from unresolved, sometimes hidden, emotional issues. Many children, for example, who suffer from bronchial asthma are anxiety-ridden. These children often lack self-confidence and may be dependent upon parents. Physical factors may apply; however, often the parent is told that their child will most likely  “grow out of it.” More often through the years the parent and child mature; therefore, emotional issues that triggered the problem are resolved, and the asthma disappears. Children do not have to wait until they mature to overcome asthma. Hypnosis can speed up the process to recovery.

ADD and ADHD ( Child Hypnosis)


Many children have been wrongly diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and ADHD. Children have been labeled and put on Ritalin, which has been the subject of recent criticism from the media. Fortunately, the media has created an awareness that has helped reduce the insistent need to over medicate children. Recent research indicates that in ADD and ADHD cases, the cause is lack of dopamine in the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of the brain controls the child’s ability to organize and program their lives. Recent and more effective derivatives of Ritalin known as ‘Adderall’ and ‘Concerta’ have improved the release of dopamine through a 12-hour day.

These medications help the child to function normally. For parents who suspect that their child may suffer from ADD or ADHD, I highly suggest that you consult a child psychologist or medical doctor who specializes in this area. Hypnosis can play a secondary role in changing the thought patterns in a child. Through hypnosis and medication a child can learn to focus and greatly improve his or her attention span. In a study on Dyslexia in 1975, Crasilneck and Hall showed that over 75 percent of dyslexic children can be helped with direct hypnosis. Following hypnotherapy that included suggestions for improving performance and pronunciation, recognition of words became automatic and more rapid. The results in this study were as good as, or slightly better than, those reported by special behavior modifiers.

Bedwetting (Child Hypnosis)

Rochelle L. Cook works with children.

Nocturnal Enuresis, or bed wetting, is particularly distressing to both child and parents. There are a number of possible physical causes that need to be checked by a doctor. Equally, there are a number of psychogenic factors that may play a role, such as loss of a mother, sibling rivalry, emotional immaturity due to over-protection, etc. Very often, the symptom is a form of passive rebellion by the child against the parent.

The child discovers that when he wets his bed, he has a real weapon against his parent, and often he will continue this pattern long after the original cause for his hostility is forgotten. It is also possible that the child is reacting to a situation and is subconsciously retaliating, or seeking attention through bed wetting. The child is unaware of his behavior. Some children are simply tired from the day and just sleep! Some of you may have heard the of saying, “sleep like a baby.” The child is so tired he or she forgets to wake up. Child hypnosis can help. Bedwetting can be overcome by helping the child establish a motivation for bringing about a change in his or her life. With that being said, hypnotherapy is an excellent modality to help children with bedwetting.

Fear of the Dentist (Child Hypnosis)

Finally, there is the terror of the dentist’s chair. There are a few enlightened dentists who have had adequate training in hypnosis and can eliminate the child’s phobia of the dentist’s chair by using hypnosis. A professional hypnotherapist is able to use post-hypnotic suggestions with the child before the visit to the dentist. In extreme cases the therapist can accompany the child to the dentist and immediately bring about a deep hypnotic trace state by a simple cued induction. For this process, you do need a sympathetic dentist. Like adults, children can easily regress in hypnosis and reveal the underlying cause of their problem.

There is an effective therapy called the “Talking Puppet Therapy,” where the child states to a puppet, in the hypnotic state, their fears and hang-ups about parents, teachers, siblings, school, etc. The puppet is the grown-up they normally will not speak to, or about. The hypnotherapist is then able to re-frame that which has been spoken about by the child to his or her great benefit. On a side note, this is one of my favorite practices. Children love playtime. It is wonderful to just listen to what they have to say. I have seen astonishing results using this type of therapy.

Child Weight Loss ~ Child Obesity

Teenage and child obesity  is an ongoing topic amongst the medical community. Teenage and child obesity has become an epidemic in the United Sates. Children’s eating habits are established at an early age and are often carried into adult hood. It is difficult for a child to go on a diet of any kind because children and teenagers have not learned how to say “no” to those unhealthy and tempting foods that affect health. This should not be surprising adults; it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to avoid fattening, harmful foods. Most adults understand the consequences of taking that  “bite of chocolate cake,” but we still eat the cake! If we, as adults, struggle, imagine how hard it must be for children.

The subconscious mind knows through associations that chocolate cake makes us feel happy, safe and even relaxed or rewarded. Chocolate cake was the grand event of all the birthday parties we attended as children. Cake means to celebrate! Hypnosis can change these associates by replacing them with healthy self-honoring ones. Through hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, weight loss is possible. Weight loss hypnosis allows one to gain control of his or her eating habits and lose weight for the very last time. Through hypnosis, weight loss becomes an easy, natural process. My clients no longer constantly think about food. They no longer criticize the way they look in the mirror, or allow food and guilt to run their life. The constant trauma of overeating, or bad body image, no longer consume their thoughts.

Through weight loss hypnotherapy, one will crave fruits and vegetables, water, and even exercise. The body becomes the temple of love, honor and respect. Most of all, the process of losing weight will be a graceful experience. When losing weight, it is important to love yourself in the process. I find that people who suffer from obesity, especially teenagers, are at war with themselves. These mis-understandings and self-judgments need to be turned into self love, compassion, and acceptance. Be gentle with yourself in the process of becoming lean and healthy. Self-love and acceptance are valuable gifts to teach our children.

The eating patterns and habits you or your children have established have most likely been a part of your life for a very long time. It is important to understand and embrace that “Rome was not built in a day.” Weight loss hypnotherapy is used to change your life forever. Healthy habits become a new way of life! It is very important to accept the new journey that will allow you to live the rest of your life in peace.

When it comes to teenage weight loss or, child weight loss, it is imperative to understand the importance of your child’s health. Give your child the gift of a healthy, productive, self-honoring life. Reestablish healthy eating habits as early as possible so that the one you love can experience the beautiful temple in which they live. Take away the psychological trauma they too experience. Children are wonderful to work with. They are especially open to hypnotherapy because they are able to imagine and visualize. Most often, teens and children respond quickly and enjoy the process.

On a personal note, I understand the complexities behind weight loss. Whether it is working with adults, teenagers or young children, I am dedicated to help achieve the intended results that will change your or your child’s life forever.

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