eHealth Radio Network—Ms. Cook PR


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Rochelle L. Cook discuss the following:

  • Can you help people get off sugar and carbs?
  • Can you help someone that binges?
  • What is hypno-band?
  • Can you make someone crave fruit and vegetables and they become the primary way of eating?
  • Does this last?

Rochelle L. Cook is one of the world’s most respected experts in clinical hypnotherapy and spiritual psychology, an intuitive counselor, an author, a speaker, and writer of many downloadable audio self-hypnosis series for adults: Hypnosis Mind Shaping and The Thriving Mind, which addresses such areas as sleeplessness, smoking weight loss, and reframing relationships with others and the self.  Another project is for children – the Super Bunnee® series which addresses common children’s issues such as bed wetting, aversions, and fears for children.
I created an in-home 9-Day Weight Loss Program that incorporates Hypno-Surgery. It’s a virtual Lap-Band Surgery but without the medical risks because it happens in your mind. You hear and experience all the sounds and voices as if you were in an operating room. It’s powerful and it works.