Five incredible sessions that released a lifetime of pain and suffering…

thriving-mind-outlinesI found Rochelle, originally intending to see her to curb my appetite and other compulsive behaviors. But when I met Rochelle I instantly realized that wasn’t why I needed her. In our first session I was able to open up and have an instant breakthrough on a far deeper matter – issues around my Mother that I’d been carrying around for my entire 34 year existence. In her presence, in her understanding, I felt safe and could trust her.
With Rochelle’s help, her guidance, her hypnotherapy and specific homework instructions, I went from feeling total resentment and resistance towards my Mother to feeling compassion, love and recognition that my Mother is a part of me, and one that I highly value.  How many sessions did this take? Five. Five incredible sessions that released a lifetime of pain and suffering. I’m a different person now and since I still have quite a few sessions left, we’re now delving into another gross monster: limiting beliefs. I’m excited to do this work, to get more clearing, to make room for the self-actualized woman that I am becoming. I’m grateful for Rochelle and her transformative work.
~ AdaPia d’Errico Creative Brand Development –