Negative Self Talk

Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the deeds of the day, I do, I call them the “thinks!” Do you worry throughout your workday about how you could have handled a demanding situation in a positive manner? You suffer from negative self-talk, with the help of hypnosis, you can learn to stop negative thinking and replace it with positive inner self-talk. By reprogramming the subconscious mind you can change your relationship to addictions like smoking or reframe your relationship with your body when engaging in weight programs, it’s especially good at reframing debilitating depression.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit, a bad habit that kills! We offer a one-stop session; sometimes multiple sessions are recommended such as our more 3 to 6 session programs. Book a FREE consultation and find out what would be better for you. 

Use Hypnosis for Weight Release

Fads come and go, we live in a super body-conscious society, how you relate to the issue is the issue. The latest “new diet” often does not do what it promises. My approach and practice offers the possibility of reframing your relationship with your body, with your weight, with your self-esteem. By reviewing the past the subconscious can be reprogramed—this is the answer to healthy lifestyle changes—creating the new pathways to weight release success and permanent positive changes.

End Depression & Anxiety

Do you suffer from depression? Do you want to eliminate anxiety and/or panic attacks? Are you anxious at work, in front of an audience?

I can relieve you from some of these “energy patterns” with a story centered approach combined with my eclectic form of clinical hypnotherapy. Are you or a partner experiencing substance dependency, work or family issues or you are struggling with parenting my approach that works. Read these testimonials on YELP. My methods work really well. Do you want to learn how to work through life’s issues and feel more alive?  You can!

Experience a holistic approach that combines coaching with clinical hypnotherapy with wisdom.

Not sure if hypnotherapy or my methods will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me your story.

Talk to me about your issue, often an initial traumatic event occurred. Get rid of that and viola your issues shift. Schedule a free online consultation, it will immediately make you feel better!