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I Fix Life Complications Using a Story Centered Approach & Clinical Hypnotherapy.”
~ Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT. The Relationship Coach


Are You Coupling or Uncoupling? Meet Rochelle the Relationship Coach & Couples Relationship Expert. 

Do you have trouble getting over a breakup? Do you experience commitment issues? What mind-set or behavior is getting in your way of finding your life-long partner? Book a FREE consultation and experience Expert Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles. Read the book— The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to Healing your Relationship, and use The Guiding Journal and answer the questions in The Workbook, this will help you uncover your belief systems and how it affects your life and all your relationships. Your life the way it shows up today is the outcome of your thoughts; change your thinking and your life will change.

Are You Choosing the Wrong Partner?

I have been one of the lucky ones, I survived severe depression, and recovered from a traumatic brain surgery. Then I wrote a book! My life changed because of hypnotherapy!

At a very young age I started experiencing the devastating affects of abandonment. I have written a book on the subject pertaining to how abandonment affects relationships. It’s called, The Souls Coach, 7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship. (It’s available on Amazon.) The reason that I wrote this book was to help others. I suffered for many years, if a relationship ended it felt like a death. Unfortunately I did not have the tools to cope. I always fell into the black hole of feeling that was so devastating, that on many occasions I would contemplate suicide, just to end the pain and suffering. I am grateful that I am still here.

Many years have past and I have dedicated my life to helping others. I am now called the “The Soul’s Coach” and I specialize in healing trauma using my methods of expert hypnotherapy. What you get is a thriving mind that lasts for life. What have I learned? Simply, how to reframe the past so that we can all thrive and live a peaceful life? Please know this is possible!

March 16th 2015


My daughter found me on the bathroom floor.

After a fast ambulance ride and a quick examination I was in the operating room for a 6 hour craniotomy. It has taken over three years to recover and the doctors are speculating that I will need another “ year or longer,” to get back to 90% of myself. It’s been a brutal journey, not just for me but my family, however; I have learned valuable lessons, more than I could possibly imagine. While I would not want to repeat this tragic journey, I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. I always thought that my practice was special; I now know that I still have more to learn and more to give.

This spiritual journey has tested me to the core. When I talk about the lessons we can choose to learn from and the power of the mind, I’m talking from experience. I have taken my practice to a whole new level; I have even more tools to help others now because of what I have suffered through! When we uncover the meaning behind our suffering, when we choose to accept uncertainty and make it ok, we heal.

I did and so can you.

My practice is eclectic, I do not believe that one method or style works for everyone. We are all created equal yet we are all different. My mission is to help those in need find peace using my methods of expert hypnotherapy and story telling. I can personally tell you that, life is short, don’t waste it! Embrace the journey, walk towards the light and remember; all you have to do is, take the next step.

7 Paths To Healing Your Relationship – The book by Rochelle L Cook frees you from the past, removing the blocks that have been holding you back. Heal Your relationships with Expert Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles

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