AuthorHays, Johanna T.
TitleHealing the wounded feeling function| Through the Handless Maiden, the Fisher King, and clinical hypnosis
Publication Date2010
University/PublisherPacifica Graduate Institute
AbstractThe imaginal characters of the Fisher King and the Handless Maiden (Johnson, 1993) resonate deeply with those who have suffered developmental wounds and as adults, experience a wounded feeling function. These two tales are analyzed throughout this qualitative thesis incorporating heuristic and case study methodologies, and utilizing hypnotherapy techniques. Fairy tales and myths resonate at a deep and unconscious level because they become a metaphoric mirror in which the self seeks authenticity. They tell a collective story that crosses over cultures and eras, and connects individuals to a comforting larger legend. Hypnosis allows reframing through access of the subconscious. When used in conjunction with psychotherapy, hypnosis acts as an amplifier and accelerator of the therapeutic experience. This multi-modal therapeutic approach allows a healing, which creates a multi-dimensional range of experience, providing individuals with new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.
Subjects/KeywordsPsychology, Counseling|Psychology, Developmental|Psychology, Clinical
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AuthorExactHays, Johanna T.