Modern Life is Like Two Wolves Fighting

A Native American Story

A grandfather tells his grandson a story about two wolves fighting in his own heart. One wolf is vengeful and violent; the other is loving and compassionate. The grandson asks, “Which one will win?” The grandfather responds, “the one I feed.”

Modern Life is Like Two Wolves Fighting! Which One Will You Feed?

The Tibetan term, sanje, translates as, “waking up and blossoming.” When we become awakened our mind and heart blossom, we choose to see life and it’s circumstances as it is without illusion or attachment. We free ourselves from, “Craving Mind.”

What allows the lotus flower to grow out of mud? What are the inner qualities that allow us to bloom out of the mud of life’s confusions?  How do we stop having catastrophic thoughts and continual discomfort? How do you break free of how we have been taught to think?

I call that—the Story Book Syndrome.

The lotus plant has a remarkable capacity to grow in the mulch of slow moving water, while remaining beautiful. Nothing sticks, or clings, to its leaves because; the lotus has a self-cleaning property, the leafs surface is filled with tiny bumps, which means only a small portion of the droplet contacts the leaf. Water drops stick more strongly to particles on the leaf than to the leaf itself, thus cleaning impurities from the flower as they roll off. This is the Buddhist teaching called non-clinging mind.

Coaching & Hypnotherapy with me delivers the same non-attachment!

Let go of your worries, depression and abandonment, learn and experience kindness and compassion towards yourself, to start, then practice with others. Just like the water drops on the Lotus flower clean the grime and muck from its leaves, you will learn how the difficulties of life don’t have to stick on you anymore. You will become more aware, you will learn to accept without judgment the toll modern life takes.

This is called, enlightenment. It is about waking up and blossoming. Would you like to experience this?

Still not sure if hypnotherapy or my method will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me which wolf you are feeding.

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