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Enhance your Self-Esteem & Confidence, Eliminate depression!

No matter how much self-assurance or experience a person has, everyone feels self-doubt, insecurity and misgivings, often this turns into depression. Moving forwards to another level of self-trust and confidence is something easily attained using a story centered hypnosis. Confidence is a captivating quality, a person with it is automatically attractive and is perceived to have leadership qualities. Imagine being in the world with more assurance, coolness and equanimity. Would this make a difference in your life?

Would this impact your career, your relationships, assist you in finding the right partner?

My form of clinical hypnotherapy and story centered approach builds personal assurance and confidence. You can achieve happy and more meaningful relationships or confidence in your sexuality, assurance in your career, confidence in your personal development, or confidence in public speaking, confidence in financial success, certainty in creating new horizons, or even feeling purposefulness in your spirituality. You will always benefit with more experience, rest assured hypnotherapy can boost your confidence!

Motivation For Success

Fear Of Success is Often Triggered by Depression

Many people arrive at my office wanting to achieve more success, more money, fulfillment, a house, a relationship and no matter how hard they’ve tried, it seems next to impossible. They feel stuck. Unknown to themselves they may have a subconscious desire to stay exactly where they are — not too successful, just enough money, an ok career, just enough house, or perhaps a relationship that is, rather than an extraordinary one.

Through story and hypnosis sessions, we travel into the subconscious mind and reframe old stories to model a new level of success by creating a new beliefs. Re-scripting, reframing and forgiving the events of the past is a key element to this process.

What Is A Belief?

How do we get them? It happens simply, through experiences and the interpretation we make of these events, when combined with our suggestibility, and our bias, these traumas, incidents and events create thoughts. A thought that we think often enough eventually becomes habitual and therefore more lodged in our subconscious where it has now become something that we absolutely believe is true. But, is it really? Through hypnosis, it is possible to release or diminish old beliefs and create new ones. The human mind has a built in plasticity, when we use hypnotherapy the creation of new neural pathways occurs—these are the new beliefs.

Let’s Get Comfortable With The New Belief System!

Through subconscious imaging in the comfort and security of the hypnotic state, we become associated to making the unknown more known to ourselves. So, in the conscious awake life, when we attempt the new behaviors or respond in new emotional ways, we are more comfortable and able to embrace “the new” easily and effortlessly because we have rehearsed it in therapy.

We have modeled the new behaviors repeatedly in the sessions, the new beliefs then naturally happen when confronted with real world situations. We have, in effect, mentally “rehearsed” it, so that it is known to us, and not scary or painful. This is due, primarily, to connecting with the subconscious mind, which works on expectation and imagination. It does not know the difference between fact and fantasy.

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