How do you bounce back when adversity hits?

When you experience a relationship breakdown, or a minor mishap like being late the first day of your new job— life can often deliver a serious smack in the face.

Perhaps, depression sets in or daily anxiety grows because you think your new job may not be that secure. Being able to rebound from adversity is a key habit to have if you want a healthy life and ongoing well-being.

But how do you achieve this? It’s simple, you build resilience and easily overcome the challenges that come. It’s what I teach and practice daily.


It is the ability to get back on the horse after a major trauma or relationship storm or an everyday dissappointment. Why can some people easily bounce back from catastrophes and some others languish for years in melancholy and depression. The other people, the ones that get up and brush themselves off and just carry on—they are resilient. This is a habit and it can be learned.

Resilience is not heredity, or genetically passed on, or easily taught by our parents. They have often struggled as much as we have or are. Although research seems to indicate that it is parental support and wise counsel during rough childhood events that appears to to influence how fast and well we recover from early negative experiences.

Unfortunately not many of our parents could do a 100% perfect job! This is why most of us walk around depressed, anxious and unable to cope when difficulty strikes. Our health and well-being suffers.

Come in and and see me, helping you understand early trauma and forgiving yourself are the bedrocks of my story centered practice. This, and helping you build resilience by reframing your negative past events into positive ones as well helping you reframe your negative self-talk are the keys to well-being. I’ll also help you  reduce self-blaming yourself and abolishing your defeatist thinking if you have any! End your suffering, take a turn towards fundamental health.

COME IN AND SEE ME! Tell me your story.

Not sure if hypnotherapy or my method will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me, I’ll talk about how you can build resilience!