How to Fix an Unhappy Relationship with Hypnotherapy

Not happy in a relationship anymore or breaking up?

You may be going through a world of hurt right now, hurt that shows up in many different ways, as anxiety, lethargy, weight gain, even depression. Society and cultural norms emphasizes relationship status so much that people sometimes stay in dysfunctional relationships much longer than they should, just to say that they’re in one.

They only stay in the relationship so they don’t have to feel abandoned! But often this can cause even more emotional trauma.

Do you suffer from feelings of abandonment or have you separated and/or thinking about divorcing? I have worked with thousands of couples in unhappy relationships and have seen dramatic changes, because hypnotherapy combined with spiritual psychology works. 

Do you want to break free from all the toxic emotional pain swirling around?

What is Emotional Abuse? 

Here are seven signs that you might be in a world of emotional abuse and some tips on what you can do to recover.

1. You make excuses not to be home

1. You make excuses not to be home

People who are in happy and healthy relationships want to be home with their partners. You may have some problems that need addressing if you constantly look for excuses to stay away from home. Looking to escape is a huge indication that major relationship problems could exist.

2. You constantly argue with your partner

All relationships have problems, but no relationship should involve constant arguments. Incessant arguments might mean that you and your partner have different goals, different intentions, or you are not compatible. You could be bad partners for each other. Consider trying relationship counseling with a third party who could try to find a middle ground between the two of you.

2. You constantly argue with your partner

3. You often find yourself depressed

Depression could be a sign that you are having relationship troubles. This is especially true if you have not been diagnosed with clinical depression and nothing else has happened in your life to cause you to suffer from extreme sadness.

Signs of depression include feeling like your life has no meaning, a lack of motivation, and a loss of pleasure in things that used to be pleasurable for you. In extreme cases, you may experience suicidal thoughts. You should address depression as quickly as possible because it could grow worse without proper assistance.

4. You act cautiously at home

You might need to end your relationship if you find yourself acting cautiously (walking on eggshells) all the time. This caution could mean that you avoid doing anything or saying anything that could possibly upset your partner.

This behavior is a common occurrence when individuals are in neglectful or abusive relationships. You and your mate might need professional help if you’ve experienced verbal, physical, or sexual abuse or emotional turmoil from your mate’s behaviors.

5. Your partner has betrayed you

5. Your partner has betrayed you

A relationship has no foundation without trust, and betrayal kills trust. You may want to reconsider staying in your relationship if your partner has cheated on you numerous times, stolen from you, or betrayed you in other ways.

Lies and manipulation are also forms of betrayal. There’s an old saying that states, “Love shouldn’t hurt.” That’s 100 percent true. It might be time for you to step away if you’re in excruciating pain instead of in a loving relationship.

6. You indulge in alcohol or drugs to escape your pain

Many people try to find ways to cope when they are in unhealthy relationships. They sometimes indulge in alcoholic beverages or drugs to find mental escapes from their pain.

But using drugs or alcohol is not a healthy way to cope with relationship woes. In fact, it can cause you to become dependent and even addicted to the substance that temporarily numbs you. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can help you address and resolve the painful elements of your relationship and help you treat any addictions you may have developed because of your pain.

6. You indulge in alcohol or drugs to escape your pain
7. You can't remember any good times

7. You can't remember any good times

Finally, you might be stuck in a world of relationship hurt if you struggle to remember any good times. This is also true if your good times outweigh your bad or painful times. It’s time for you to take an honest look at your relationship in its entirety and decide whether its benefits are worth its disadvantages.

A healthy relationship should enhance your life. It won’t deplete your emotional reserves. It won’t make you feel worthless, and it won’t make you cry or resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drugs or alcohol.

If this sounds like you, it might be time for you to free yourself from the pain.


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