Hypnotherapy helps make new friends

It’s no secret that loneliness is bad for us and chronic loneliness can lead to feeling anxious, self-doubt, and experiencing insomnia.

Making friends is an answer, but, many people don’t know how to make friends. Fortunately, these strategies can help you form connections with people so you can develop a better social circle.

I remember for me as a child, making friends wasn’t as complicated as it feels today. Not only were you less worried about being rejected; you also weren’t as picky about who you were hanging out with. But things have changed now. Aside from the fear of abandonment, making new friends takes being in the right place at the right time—something that we are short on these days. What we are left with is the fact that our circle of friends is a) shrunk or b) non-existent. Does this describe you? Read on.

Soon after your mid-20s, your social circle shrinks, according to a recent study by scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Oxford in England. And here is a great video from CNN.

What Can I Do?

Have the Right Mindset

If you think you can’t make friends anymore or don’t get out of the house anymore, come and see me, book a 10 session pack. I will change your perception of the current reality you are experiencing, this is exactly what my form of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Psychology does!

I’ll help you rewire your brain so that you can “focus on being open.” This is a mindset matter and can be easily supported with guided meditation because repeated sessions rebuild your confidence and eliminate the self-doubt that has built up over the years.

Make a list of potential friends

This is one of the things I will help you do, my sessions are not only clinical but fun and in a sense, you get to rehearse becoming friendly and approachable again. We’ll work together on the fear you may have in stepping out, accepting invitations or trying new things. Here is a great list from Verywell Mind a respected, trusted and compassionate online resource that provides the guidance you need to improve your mental health and find balance

I combine Spiritual Psychology and Hypnotherapy to deliver a holistic treatment program that quickly and effectively overcomes lonliness, removes self-doubt and brings joy back into your life. Book a Free Consultation, call me +1 (310) 577-2381 or book a 10 session pack.