How to Relieve Anxiety & Stress Photo by milada-vigerova-7276

Anxiety – Let’s Not Make A Habit Of It!

How to help or relieve anxiety? Hypnotherapy is one of the best modalities to lower anxiety of many different kinds. For issues of driving, leaving the house, flying, speaking in public, sexual performance anxiety, or generalized anxiety of life and living, and more, hypnosis can calm you down. You can create a new habit, a habit of being calm and relaxed.

Let’s Get Stress Relief!

Since nearly every system of the body can be damaged by stress, experiencing Hypnotherapy for this kind of relief can be extremely beneficial. Beginning to pay attention to your breathing is one of the first things we do in the hypnotic state with clients. In our fast paced world, where almost everyone can relate to being “stressed out,” associating new positive thought to your natural rhythm of breathing can produce immediate results in how you respond to your life on the stress scale.

Initial work on what we know as stress today was done by Walter B. Cannon, a physiologist at Harvard in the early 1900’s. Cannon first delineated the “fight or flight response.” Then, researcher Hans Selye brought us the understanding as to exactly what is going on in the body during fight/flight. Dr. Herbert Benson’s, (1975) “the relaxation response,” findings states your mind can influence your body for the better and therefore improve your health. Hypnosis is a natural partner for mind/body concepts, information, and processes that are even more in the forefront today.

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