Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program (Purchase)

  • Replace food struggles with the mindset and behaviors of a naturally thin person.
  • Discover new and permanent self-discipline.
  • Adopt a positive attitude and self-love that promotes lasting weight release.
  • Enjoy freedom from cravings, addiction and the yo-yo cycle of dieting.
  • Live with daily confidence when you tap into the power of your subconscious to control your weight for life.


Hypno-Behavioral Weight Loss Program (Purchase)

You can achieve these results even if you have a long-term eating disorder. Even if you’ve tried every diet solution and rebounded to problem eating over and over, Hypno Surgery can help you transform by tapping into the power of your own mind.

Immediate Benefits:


  • Boost discipline and commitment to weight loss
  • Activate your “weight release control center” (your subconscious)
  • Stop emotional eating and binging
  • Root out food addictions 
  • Change eating habits
  • Crave healthy foods 
  • Eat less and feel full faster — as if you’ve had surgery
  • Experience instant disgust when you think of the unhealthy “trigger” foods you once craved (aversion therapy)
  • Eliminate the negative thoughts that lead to diet self-sabotage