Hypnosis for Teenagers

Stop Teenage Smoking and Weight Gain.

Can you stop you child or your teenager from smoking? That depends. The truth is that unless your child really wants to stop, there is nothing you can do. Teenagers will find a way to smoke! Teenage smokers think that nothing will ever happen to them. They are just too young to truly value life. Children live in the moment.

Through hypnosis, and our form of transformational hypnotherapy, it is possible to stop your teen from smoking or using drugs.

Children are much easier to work with than adults— they respond quickly. The key is to get them in front of someone they can relate to, someone that will take the time to listen to what they have to say. I have found that when you take the child and put them in a private setting with someone they feel comfortable (especially away from peers), you can reason with them. Eventually, the teen will want to stop smoking because he or she will understand the health risk involved. At this very moment the child/teen is asked if they want to stop smoking. The minute they say they want to stop, hypnosis begins. It is truly magical to watch.

Parents, help your child stop smoking before it is too late. Remember that teenagers are still children living in an adult world. They need to be gently guided. Sometimes it may take an outsider to help them see what is best.

I love working with children/teenagers. I find them refreshing and malleable 😉

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Teenage Weight Loss ~ TeenageObesity

Teenage & Child Obesity  are an ongoing topic amongst the medical community. Teenage obesity and child obesity have become an epidemic in the United Sates. Children’s eating habits that are established at an early age are often carried into adulthood.

It is difficult for a child to go on a diet of any kind because children/teenagers have not learned how to refuse those unhealthy and tempting foods that affecthealth. This should not be surprising for adults; it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to avoid fattening harmful foods. Most adults understand the consequences of taking that  “bite of chocolate cake,” but we still eat the cake! If we, as adults, struggle, imagine how hard it must be for children. The subconscious mind knows through associations that chocolate cake makes us feel happy, safe and even relaxed or rewarded. Chocolate cake was the grand event of all the birthday parties we attended as children. Cake means to celebrate! Hypnosis can change these associates by replacing them with healthy self-honoring ones.

Through hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, weight loss is possible. Weight loss hypnosis allows one to gain control of eating habits and lose weight for the very last time. Through hypnosis, weight loss therapy releasing weight becomes an easy, natural process. My clients no longer constantly think about food. They no longer criticize the way they look in the mirror or allow food and guilt to run their lives. The constant trauma of overeating, or upset over body image, no longer consumes their thoughts.

Through weight loss hypnotherapy, one will crave fruits and vegetables, water and even exercise. The body becomes the temple of love, honor and respect. Most of all, the process of losing weight will be a graceful experience.

When losing weight it is important to love yourself in the process. I find that people who suffer from obesity , especially teenagers, are at war with themselves. These misunderstandings and self-judgments need to be turned into self-love, compassion and acceptance. Be gentle with yourself in the process of becoming lean and healthy. Self-love and acceptance are a valuable gift to teach our children.

The eating patterns and habits you or your children have established have most likely been a part of life for a very long time. It is important to understand and embrace that “Rome was not built in a day.” Weight loss hypnotherapy is used to change your life forever. Healthy habits become a new way of life! It is very important to accept the new journey that will allow you to live the rest of your life in peace.

When it comes to teenage weight loss or child weight loss, it is imperative to understand the importance of your child’s health. Give your child the gift of a healthy, productive, self-honoring life. Reestablish healthy eating habits as early as possible so that the one you love can experience the beautiful temple in which they live. Take away the psychological trauma they too experience.

Children are wonderful to work with. They are especially open to hypnotherapy because they are able to imagine and visualize. Most often teens and children respond quickly and enjoy the process.

On a personal note, I understand the complexities behind weight loss. Whether working with adults, teenagers or young children I am dedicated to help achieve the intended results that will change you or your child’s life forever.

Fighting teenage and child obesity are  important for our children; they are our future.

In our practice, we have helped teens with issues such as weight loss, smoking, self esteem, fears and phobias, nail biting, trauma, self empowerment, exam anxiety, MCAT and SAT testing, test anxiety and test performance. We offer confidential consultations.

Not sure if hypnotherapy or my method will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me your story.