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To gain a better understanding of what it is like to be in a hypnotic trance, think about when you daydream; you wake up realizing that you are sitting at your desk in the office, you have been looking out the window and now you are back in the present moment, back at the task in front of you. You were in the land of daydreaming far off from anything work-related. Perhaps you were on a vacation in France or a dancer in front of a delightful audience. The world is no longer around you, but just a minute ago, another world existed. Daydreaming is a similar to hypnosis. Depending upon ones suggestibility, a person can go in and out of trance-like states several times a day. More…

Hypnosis happens when the conscious and subconscious mind comes together. In this state you are not asleep or awake. It is somewhere in between. At no time does the Clinical Hypnotherapist control you. 

A hypnotic sleep is a twilight experience. Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness that in a positive way alters the state of consciousness. When in this state, you are aware of your surroundings including all the noises around you. On another level, you feel distant from those sounds and surroundings; it is as if there is an absence of time. Hypnosis is a focus of concentration where visualizing and imagining take place. While in the state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind is open and receptive to receive positive images and suggestions.

Hypnosis occurs when an overload of message units and information comes into the conscious mind. The conscious mind has a difficult time handling the amount of data it is receiving so an escape occurs. This escape is called the fight and flight mechanism. When the flight and flight mechanism has been activated, ones suggestibility has been heightened and the subconscious mind can be more easily accessed. 

We all enter hypnotic trance states on a daily basis.

Examples of Daily Trance States

  • Daydreams = Hypnosis.
  • Focused attention when watching an engaging TV program.
  • EMOTIONAL engagement, such as having sweaty palms while watching an intense action scene in a movie.
  • Brain wave cycles of deep meditation are equivalent to the theta trance state.
  • Hypnosis is part of your sleep cycle. You MUST enter the trance state in order to fall asleep, and you pass through the trance state in order to wake up.

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My hypnosis sessions are 100% confidential and they work because of the approach I have developed, a combination of Spiritual Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. But, before we begin, here’s the big secret of hypnotherapy—you the client are the one who is in control. More…

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With a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and certifications in clinical hypnosis, NLP, PTSD, and many more, I’m able to get to the root issues of what is troubling you.
I am deeply honored to meet each and everyone of you at the place you are in now and assist you on your path forward. My work blends clinical hypnosis with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and depth psychology to help you transform your pain and trauma into a joy filled mindful life.  My aim is to have you triumph over trauma, overcome your obstacles and reframe your reality and pain into wisdom with actionable insight and positive change. 

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