I'm reading, writing (purging), writing some more and enjoying this healing process…

I’m writing this review because I know how overwhelming it can be to carry and be deeply affected by unresolved trauma. The overwhelming piece comes in by thinking it’s not possible to heal the underlying pain. I’m blown away by all that’s happened in the short time I’ve been seeing (healing through) Rochelle. I’m working through extreme childhood trauma that my subconscious mind has held on to.

I was thrilled to find The Thriving Mind and Rochelle as hypnosis has helped me in the past (with less challenging things); her spiritual psychology expertise sealed the deal for me.  With that, I had no idea I’d experience the depths of what’s unfolding.
My first session was to tell my story.  I was able to talk about it with a fair amount of ease as Rochelle is warm, open and very compassionate; you definitely know she understands the depth of what you’ve been through.  I was sent home with a very calming hypnosis mp3 that helped me to feel peaceful; I’ve never felt peaceful after sharing my horrendous childhood!
My next session connected me with my inner child through hypnosis. I was guided in a way that felt safe and loving.  It was a  healing and reconnection session that truly blew me away.  It was a beautiful, heartfelt and joyous reunion with my child self, as odd as that may sound.  My subconscious mind was able to go back to another time in my life.  It was a vivid experience that included a loving exchange between the younger me and my current self that was needed to start the healing process.
I’m reading, writing (purging), writing some more and enjoying this healing process.  Did I say enjoying!!!  I would never have anticipated that, NEVER.
Rochelle is an amazingly gifted healer.  I was guided to her and am tremendously grateful for all that’s coming through.  I can’t wait for my next session and all that is to come.
I hope my thoughts will be helpful to someone looking for healing…  There’s a reason Rochelle has so many wonderful reviews.  You can’t help but want to let others know how life changing her work is.
~ Valrie J. Los Angeles, CA.