It’s Time for Psychology to Lead, Not Follow

Clinical Hypnotherapy is not a medical treatment.

This article by

Jonathan Shedler Ph.D. Psychologically Minded

Makes the same case that I believe in: “The lesson is that psychology must blaze the trail for psychological treatments using psychological concepts and methods. It must not play handmaiden to medicine or ape its concepts and methods.”

One of the most powerful constructs I know is called supervenience. It helps us understand why knowledge at one level of analysis can be irrelevant at another.

For example: When you watch a movie on a screen, you are seeing arrangements of pixels. The movie is 100 percent dependent on pixels and cannot exist apart from them. But knowledge of pixels is irrelevant to understanding the movie. We could know everything there is to know about pixeIs and have no concept of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or the battle for the empire.

Movie supervenes on pixels.