Life, Brain Surgery & Spirituality

Life, Brain Surgery & Spirituality

A Night Sea Journey of the Soul

Episode 1: Life, Brain Surgery & Spirituality
Episode 2: What Happened?
Episode 3: I Saved Myself From Death!
Episode 4: Will I Walk Again?
Episode 5: My Story & The Kindness of Others
Episode 6:  The Seizure
Episode 7: Vanity
Episode 8: Be Patient, Slow Down. PPPD Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness | Vestibular Disorders
Episode 9:  Perception
Episode 10: Taking the Next Step
Episode 11: The Meaning behind Suffering
Episode 12:  It Matters What I Think,Not What You Think!
Episode 13: How Are You Going to Get Up
Episode 14: Judgement
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My journey has been difficult and complex

PPPD is a debilitating condition that no one seems to fully understand. I’m going through it, I’ve been through it, if it was not for the support I get from my family and hypnotherapy I would not have made it through.

Do reach out book a consultation I can help you through this time.